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    BTN's Brent Yarina: My all-B1G Glue Team of the decade: (Damian Johnson, MN)

    Great choice, wrong decade. VIP Johnson transcends time though
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    Gophers receive a commitment from IMG Academy linebacker Jaqwondis Burns

    That's an impressive list of offers. Huge get. Welcome, Jaqwondis
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    Has this team given up on Pitino?

    Great thread. Definitely quit on Pitino
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    Brad Davison under microscope with new rule aimed at eliminating flopping; heavily boo'd during NC State game

    I honestly don't remember Joey flopping. I just remember him being legitimately good at taking charges.
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    3 former MN kids on list of national player of the year

    How in the hell is Wright on there? Pretty ridiculous that Zeke is making like 3/4 of his shots.
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    Damian Johnson

    Started following Gopher ball his freshman year. VIP Johnson is my all-time favorite player. I had to watch that Big Ten Network show following the team (blanking on name) twice because DJ was so hilarious. That was back when they followed a team for the season.
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    I find it very hard to believe that he said that. I know he likes to talk up transfers, but I think this board would've gone crazy over that supposed comment, which would be quite memorable. Besides being weird and nonsensical, that would've been incredibly rude to Murphy and Coffey.
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    Treyton Thompson

    Hell yes. Welcome, Treyton. It's nice to have two top 100 players headlining the next two classes. They also play positions we need the most help at. This is comforting after a disappointing weekend for Gopher sports.
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    What does it even mean to say that we "should" compete for it this year? Obviously that would be ideal, but no coach in the world would have a serious shot at the BT with this roster. Obviously that's on the coaching staff, but I just want to make sure you aren't implying that you think we have...
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    This summarized the game pretty perfectly. Considering our lack of firepower and Gabe not playing great, I'm actually surprised we've been this close against some solid competition. We have no depth and very few playmakers and are embarrassing at PF and PG, but yet, we aren't completely awful to...
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    Gophers lose to a team that did not play an upperclassmen

    Keep the lies and contradictions coming. You know you've said many times that all you care about is making the tournament. Then when the 2017 tournament appearance was listed as an accomplishment, you said you didn't care about it. Having a 5 seed means making the tournament. You got called out...
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    Gophers lose to a team that did not play an upperclassmen

    Within the last two months you said that all you care about is making the tournament. Yet, when you debated Pitino's achievements with Tredwell, you dismissed the 2017 tournament appearance by moving the goal posts. Apparently now all you care about is winning tournament games. Well, by your...
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    Gophers lose to a team that did not play an upperclassmen

    Yes they did ... "UCLA was playing its best basketball of the season, winning nine of its last 11 games -- and Adams was a major reason for the team's success. One of UCLA's...
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    Gophers lose to a team that did not play an upperclassmen

    Hmmm, you couldn't care less about making the tournament in 2017, yet, just a few months ago you said that you only cared about making the tournament. Do you see the problem here? Could this possibly be your anti-Pitino agenda???
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    Gophers lose to a team that did not play an upperclassmen

    That cool guy who sucks at his job has won as many NCAA tournament games as your god, Tubby. Only one of these opponents had just lost their best player. You don't like Pitino. We got it after your first 2,000 reminders. I have to give you credit though: you're a hell of a troll.
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    How to Watch Replay of Game Tomorrow

    I apologize if this is mentioned in another thread, but does anyone know how to watch a replay of the game tomorrow without recording it? I'll be stuck at work and really thought I could watch the replay on my Roku using the March Madness app, but apparently I was mistaken. Thanks in advance for...
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    All Things Daniel Oturu Recruiting Thread UPDATED: OTURU A GOPHER!

    Enjoyed the beat in that video. It's gonna suck losing Lynch but it's going to be really nice to have such solid depth at the 4/5 next year.
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