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  1. Sparlimb

    Jerry Kill: “Do I miss it as a head coach? Hell yes.”

    What the heck was Fleck supposed to say? They hired me because he was a lot fatter? Of course he said they wanted a change. He's all about culture. And the truth is, Tracy went down supporting players who were involved in an unsavory situation. But Fleck was stuck saying what he did. He...
  2. Sparlimb

    How many drunkards, tipplers, souses, and lushes are on this board?

    You can't drink all day if you don't start early!
  3. Sparlimb

    Offseason Hot Take

    Better question is will Rutgers average over 10 points per game in conference games this year?
  4. Sparlimb

    JD Spielman

    I'm skeptical as well. We're overly full already and I don't think he could even talk to Fleck before entering the portal...
  5. Sparlimb

    Walters out, Lubick in as Huskers OC

    Seems like the kind of OC that pushes graduate transfer wide receivers out the door. Just saying.
  6. Sparlimb

    2020 Bye Week (are you kidding me?)

    Remember Mase complaining about it? We used to routinely get a bye week the last week of the regular season (as set by the Big 10) after all our games were over. It happened several times.
  7. Sparlimb

    USAToday gives Gophers an A+ season grade

    That makes no sense. Unless they are saying the poll is who they anticipate to be top 25 by the end of the year. But a pre-season poll means going into the season who are the best 25 teams. That has nothing to do with schedule.
  8. Sparlimb

    FAU all-conference db to transfer portal

    Did the kid come out and say he was terrified of Morgan to Bateman or is that just implied?
  9. Sparlimb

    PFF: Tyler Johnson was the highest graded WR in FBS

    Imagine if we'd have had Tutu Atwell, who was a legacy recruit, as well. Why oh why was he not offered?
  10. Sparlimb

    The wet blanket

    I think we did get very lucky with the injury bug this year. But I also think that we had almost no experienced depth either. So it would have hurt us more this year. I think next year we will have more players see the field and less reliance on just the starters. Which allows you to absorb...
  11. Sparlimb

    Odds to win 2020 CFP (Minnesota: 100/1)

    They said on last night's broadcast that Burrow was 200 to 1 starting this year...
  12. Sparlimb

    Phillip Nelson XFL

    I bet he has a stomping good time.
  13. Sparlimb

    Gophers #10 in final AP poll

    Funny we end with the same record as Penn St, who we beat head to head and yet they are one spot above us. But I'm happy with 10th. That's the best I've ever seen.
  14. Sparlimb

    Way-Too-Early 2020 Top 25 (Gophers at #13)

    St. Juste isn't done. He has 2 years left I think...
  15. Sparlimb

    Huskers, Washington officially part ways

    Raiders will make him a #1 draft pick...
  16. Sparlimb

    Stadium Expansion

    If only we had discussed this before...
  17. Sparlimb

    Rhule accepts Carolina Job

    Poor Baylor. Back in the dog house for them.
  18. Sparlimb

    Coach Scoop stuff

    Ted Roof was a good coach. Best Brewster had on staff.
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