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  1. GopherPoke

    Fake Kneel

    Interested in how people feel about the fake kneel executed last night during the Tulane game. I'm not against the play, but I'm wondering how these plays should affect how coaches game plan against them. In these instances, you almost always see both lines basically pop up and barely touch...
  2. GopherPoke

    State Patrol protection?

    Just watched FSU coach WT on his team walk to the stadium on ESPN. He had one officer on each side of him. For years we have seen many college coaches with state patrol officers on their hip while they come on and off the field. I have always thought this was comical, but am I missing...
  3. GopherPoke


    Hello all, newby here and I am looking for some info on tailgating. We have been to a few games and have trekked through the tailgates a tiny bit. I'm wondering where the best place is for us when we walk from off campus, and are looking for a good beverage. Is there a beer garden, etc...
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