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  1. Pompous Elitist

    Connelly on Big Ten West 2020

    Bill C on 2020 storylines including BT-W. Mentions Bateman as a top national WR. The Big Ten West Race This was one of the things I was most looking forward to heading into 2019, and it mostly lived up to expectations despite Nebraska failing to do so. Wisconsin played at a championship...
  2. Pompous Elitist

    Player “decks” official, twitter goes nuts

    Maybe not as mesmerizing as the butt fumble but in the same zip code
  3. Pompous Elitist

    Iowa band

    Any word on whether the perpetrators of the unprovoked attacks have been brought to justice? Will the MN band be exiting out the back door or wading into a crowd of drunk Hawkeye fans? Let’s hope our band director uses some common sense.
  4. Pompous Elitist

    PJF Pre-game/Post-game Videos

    I’m dragging a little tonight and need a little motivation to exercise and/or run through a brick wall. Are there any PJF vids out there from the historic win?
  5. Pompous Elitist

    College Game Day Casey O Brien piece

    For more recent fans that wonder what the buzz is about, or those that didn’t catch it already. Man, I love this kid’s attitude. He’s an example for all of us. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay...
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    Illegal blindside blocks

    There is a new rule for 2019 disallowing forcible contact on blindside blocks that can include a targeting element. I think this is a fair rule change but definitely opens up the interpretation can of worms. My question is whether the Blaise Andries block on the screen late in the third...
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    SP+ ratings after week 1

    SP+ ratings after week 1 (SCROLL FOR UPDATED RANKINGS) I don’t like the new very superficial statistics format at ESPN ( Connelly appears to have abandoned Football Outsiders) and as yet doesn’t seem like we’re going to get detailed week by week advanced stats for each team but perhaps this is...
  8. Pompous Elitist

    Ex-PSU doctor alleges pressure to clear players

    Hmmm...hmumm. My initial inclination without knowing any facts is to believe the good Dr. Lynch as Franklin strikes me as the ....used car salesmen type that stumbled into millions and fame via coaching...
  9. Pompous Elitist

    Minnesota Day on BTN Fri Aug 16

    Lineup includes Being PJ Fleck, Big Ten Show from practice 60 minute games: 2011 Iowa at MN MN at Neb WA St Holiday Bowl And of course, Purdue at MN
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    Here’s why high ticket prices and large stadiums are doomed

    Saw a demo of this recently and it’s incredibly cool. Once the tech is fleshed out there will be even less reason for many to fight traffic. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media...
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    Ex-Wazzu QB, No. 2 pick Leaf hired by ESPN

    An interesting turn of events. Good for him. The 43-year-old Leaf, a native of Montana, said he reached out to former players who had made the transition to television, such as Joel Klatt, Brady...
  12. Pompous Elitist

    All things preseason QB spat 2019 (with video highlights)

    I didn’t want to pollute the spring thread with any more QB talk. To get the arguing started I’ve compiled the always nice highlight reel of each individuals 2018 campaign. Highlight reels can be misleading...but for those that can’t make spring practice it is nice to compare them “side by...
  13. Pompous Elitist

    How many players exaggerate their heights?

    Surprising only in that I would have guessed 100%. From Yahoo: On a yearly basis, NFL prospects end up being significantly shorter than what they were listed by their universities. With all 337 prospects at this year's combine measured, we aimed to find out just how many were considerably...
  14. Pompous Elitist

    NFL Combine Feb 26-Mar 4

    OL report 26 Feb and NFL Network will carry on field workouts 1 Mar LB report 28 Feb and workouts aired 3 Mar. Full schedule here:
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    2019 S&P+ projections are out - big jump for MN

    Projecting at 33rd per Bill Connelly. A nice vote of confidence heading into a big season.
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    Adding insult to Wisconsin’s injury

    They probably won’t be any better next year while we have a chance to be substantially better with new coaching, returning starters in Brooks, Smith, Winfield (fingers crossed), and maturing players. They lose huge cogs off their offensive line, line backing crew. Their QB options are...
  17. Pompous Elitist

    Bill Connelly and the CFP committee

    They don’t take advanced stats into account. The CFP committee of (mostly) athletic directors, hot dog vendors, and tv sales guys is even worse than I thought. Connelly: It is decreed that the committee takes strength of schedule into account, but it doesn’t say how. It frowns on advanced...
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    DJ Durkin and Damon Evans will retain jobs at Maryland, source says

    Interesting if true as this goes against the public relations instincts of most schools these days. Apparently the regents leaned on the president. Seemed like a crock of ESPN excrement from the get go...
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    Iowa State Halftime Show

    If you haven’t seen it
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    This Play! Double reverse flea flicker

    This Play! Reverse flea flicker I’m a sucker for trick plays and this one was a beaut. I’d like to see this one again before the end of the season, perhaps against a certain rival with an over aggressive defense. Check out Faalalele running his man into the stadium tunnel.
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