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    How to Watch Replay of Game Tomorrow

    I apologize if this is mentioned in another thread, but does anyone know how to watch a replay of the game tomorrow without recording it? I'll be stuck at work and really thought I could watch the replay on my Roku using the March Madness app, but apparently I was mistaken. Thanks in advance for...
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    I saw one mention of this in another thread, but what the hell was up with Trevor today? Sorry if there was more talk in the game thread (not big on those), but he just seemed "uninterested" today. He was battling down low in the very beginning, but most of the game he was just standing around...
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    Official Thread to Thank Trevor for his Contributions

    I'm not sure if this thread will take off at all, but I would like to try to start an official thread entirely dedicated to fans thanking Trevor for his contributions. Even though Trevor played only one full year in a Gopher uniform, his heart and style of basketball make him my favorite MN...
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    3 Point Defense

    I probably didn't need to start a new thread about this, but I just found it interesting that even without Nolen, we're 3rd in the BT (during conference play) in 3 pt defense % (32.5, not sure if that includes last night's game). We're also 2nd in overall fg % defense.
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    ESPN: Cousy Award Snubs Jordan Taylor I'm glad Katz pointed it out. It's ridiculous that Taylor didn't make the final 10. There are so many things wrong with the list that I don't even know where to start.
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    ESPN Article on Dahlman
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    I think we all know he deserves his own thread. This is dedicated to d-boy. He was right, Hoff should never play more than around 10 min a game. I hate players who score in double figures in 14-17 games and score over at least 20 against UNC and Purdue. He can't score against athletic or good...
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    Career Highs

    Is it just me, or do we give up an unusually high amount of career highs? It seems like every game it's 1 or 2 players (guards or sf) who absolutely destroy us, and we take forever to make any kind of adjustment. I know we don't have a great defensive stopper with Nolen out, but still...
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    Hoffarber and Nolen

    Just felt like these guys deserve their own thread (I realize they have individual threads, but I'm just so sick of people talking crap about them that I want them to have another dedicated to the two of them). As much as people on here love to talk crap about them (which I've never really...
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    Katz Article on Gophers
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    Additional Walker Update

    Clipped from Sorry if this is already posted somewhere. It's from the morning but some additional info to what I've read on the board today. "MAURICE WALKER...
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    Prediction for Next Year's Roster

    My obviously optimistic prediction, but I think it's not that unrealistic... “I’m more leaning toward Minnesota right now," he said during a recent interview with "I like Tubby Smith as a coach. I like that I have family out there. It’s an up and coming program. It’s possible I could...
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    Bryant Allen

    Does anyone else want to see him get a chance? I realize that he came to the team super late and that he isn't necessarily that great, but I would've liked to have seen him get a chance when we were being blown out by Ohio St, and today when our pg play was absolutely horrendous. I really...
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    Has Anyone Seen So Many In and Out 3s?

    Probably not worthy of a thread but wow that second half was ridiculous. So many good looks that went half way down. Throw that on top of the horrible reffing. We aren't the better team nor did we deserve to win but it definitely should've been a much closer game with decent reffing and a few...
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    Terrible Reusse Article Oops, already posted on here. Anyway...does he have any idea about what he's talking about? He basically blames Tubby for all of Royce's troubles and says he should've said no to Royce when he told Tubby that he wanted to play for the...
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    Myron's 5 Questions about the Gophers I will control my bashing of the article, but I have to ask, what the hell is this?... "If Devoe Joseph becomes a starter, Nolen likely will play combo guard."
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    Ridiculous BT Overview from Katz

    This probably isn't worthy of starting a thread, but I wasn't sure where to post and it's really bothering me. Has Andy Katz gone insane? Taken from "Big Ten: Michigan State and Purdue start the season as potential No...
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    Help Watching Replay of UMD Game

    Does anyone know how to watch the replay of tonight's game? I purchased the game earlier today and the website said I would be able to watch the game at any point after the game ended I thought. I got a confirmation email that said to go to "My Games" to watch it, but when I go there, there's...
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    McFail Gone

    Finally, the day has come. At least according to Kevin Love's Twitter... I hope we get Sam Mitchell or Avery Johnson
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    2009 Recruiting Class Moved Down 12 in ESPN Rankings

    Anyone else notice that we dropped 12 stops with the newest ESPN rankings for 2009 classes? I really don't care but I was wondering what other people think about that. Rodney's and Royce's original ranks going down probably had something to do with it, and probably just other teams adding...
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