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    We win the toss. Then what.

    If we win the toss, do we take the ball or defer? Sounds like the wind will not be a big factor so basing decision on end of the field is probably not important. Personally, I take the ball and hope to run a long, time consuming TD drive to set the tone. Thoughts?
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    Casey O'Brien piece on Gameday

    Hope everyone got to see the terrific piece on Casey that just aired on Game day. Really well done. Can't wait to see him get a chance to get on the field some day soon.
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    # of Scholarships

    What are your thoughts on reducing the # of scholarships to 10 or 12? Would it spread more talent around or just make the bottom feeders worse by reducing depth. You could still roster 13 but some would be walk-ons or you could split scholarships like in some other sports. I know there are...
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    I'm Selling

    Been patient for 6 years but, this performance puts me in the sell camp regarding Gophers mens basketball. Lack of fundamentals, lack of shooting and low BB IQ. I don't see it getting a lot better unfortunately. Actually, to expand, when it comes to mens sports in Minnesota, I'm buying Gopher...
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    Signing Day List

    So, with the committment changes that occurred the last couple weeks, wondering if anyone can put together a list of those expected to sign Wednesday. It would be fun to track as LOI's come in. Fair amount of work so understand if nobody wants to tackle. I'm just not tuned in enough to know...
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    Early 8 Game Stretch

    The Gophers have a pretty rugged 8 game stretch starting with Utah on November 12th through Nebraska on December 5th. I think 6 - 2 or better would be great, provided they are no worse than 1 - 1 in the BIG games. What do others think?
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    J.P Macura

    Watch J. P. fill it up this afternoon for Xavier and still wish he would have become a Gopher. Don't want to re-live his recruiting but it seemed at the time that Pitino's recruitment of him was kind of half-hearted. Maybe I'm wrong on that. It sure would be nice to have someone who could hit...
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    All things fall practice camp

    Since practice opens tomorrow, thought we should have an all things camp thread for articles, personal observations, insight, rumors, etc (as allowed by Coach Kill :D)
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    Line Spacing

    This is a question for Husker or anyone else expert on o-line play. Line spacing seems pretty tight. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to wider spacing on the 0-line? Thanks,
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    2 Days Until Spring Ball Starts - Anticipation

    OK, 2 days until spring ball starts. What's everyone looking forward to the most? For me, since I live out of state and can't go the practices, it's reading the daily updates from GopherHolers and the local rags. Love to read everyone's impressions on improvements, new players, speed of...
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    Early Enrollees

    Does anyone know if Nelson, Leidner, etc, started classes this week? I know it's been posted before, but too lazy to find, what other freshman enrolled for spring semester? Thanks,
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    Start of Practice

    Does anyone know when the first day of practice is? Getting the football itch here.
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    Total day event

    For someone who lives far away and not able to attend, can some of you who were able to do the full day (even if it started at 6:00 for breakfast) give a recap on how good the tailgate, event, post-tailgate, beer-gardens, etc were for an event day? Thanks,
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    Sabes - Barnes

    Anybody go last night? If so, how did Barnes and any other kids we are recruiting look? Thanks,
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    ESPN - OT

    This is a little off-topic but wondered if anyone subscribes to ESPN Insider? I refuse to as you can find most all the info there at other websites like CBSSports, SI, or by watching ESPN or listening to ESPN radio. This comment is specific to their mock drafts from Kiper and Mayock. It...
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