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    I'm no elite football mind but does anyone else think the rpo hurts our running game a little?. I feel like when in a running play the o line gets out and pushes to open lanes but in rpo they pass protect and trying to run behind that is tougher since the o line just holds their block but isn't...
  2. CentralGopher

    Possible new kickoff rule Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. CentralGopher

    Thank you coach Claeys

    You deserve better than you got here and I wish you well in your future. I have no doubt you will do very well out from under the dark cloud here.
  4. CentralGopher

    Cockran UDFA for vikings

    Good luck Theiren
  5. CentralGopher

    APP help

    Tried using my iphone to go to gopherhole and got a pop up telling me there was an app available to make it easier to read on the mobile but I had a lousy wifi signal and couldn't download it or even get to the app store. Now when I go on it the pop up doesn't come up. Anyone know what the app...
  6. CentralGopher

    Recruit rankings vs. on field success

    Haven't posted in a while and came across this and thought it was an interesting comparison. This suggests that we recruit better than we have actually played.
  7. CentralGopher

    Are we recruiting this kid?

    If not it's a miss by our staff.
  8. CentralGopher

    Kill on sideline or in booth?

    For the bowl game? Any thoughts or preferences on this? I think I'd like to seem him back on the sideline since that's where head coaches usually are and where he is supposed to be at his best provided his health is back to where it needs to be.
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    Former Gopher Sauter in bowl game

    Coaching SMSU in Mineral Water Bowl. Congrats to Cory and SMSU.
  10. CentralGopher

    Top 25 College Football Dynasties We're 17th! Don't see any red weasels anywhere. Woohoo!
  11. CentralGopher

    Most valuable schools All but two are SEC schools and only Michigan represents the B1G.
  12. CentralGopher

    Bowl Game QB Rankings

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. Nelson ranked dead last of all bowl game qb's.
  13. CentralGopher

    Athlon Bowl Rankings They have our bowl game at...
  14. CentralGopher

    OT: Nebraska AD retiring Will the mighty Nebraska experience a little less success after the retirement of Osbourne?
  15. CentralGopher

    Baylor on probation for 3 years Wasn't the mens or womens or both already on probation? If so this punishment seems a little weak. Seems a little weak anyway to me.
  16. CentralGopher

    OT: Lost Players Ever hear of a map? Not sure I would want any of these directionally challenged players if they can't find the school.
  17. CentralGopher

    Wedding bells for Decker
  18. CentralGopher

    OT bowl game mascots The Nittany Lions mascot looks pretty lame as do some others. Any idea exactly what an aggie is? Texas A&M uses a collie as...
  19. CentralGopher

    More corruption - Shocking I know This doesn't really suprise anyone does it? Still, I don't think anything will come of it. This type of stuff has been rumored many times before and still happens.
  20. CentralGopher

    Bruce Pearl out as coach of Tenn. Great, more rumors of Tubby leaving.
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