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    Is the Gopher fan base really that old?

    The Zulgad thread alluded to the Gopher fan base being gray, and I just heard him talk about it on the air. I've been hearing this since the 1980s. After having Gopher basketball season tickets for 23 years and football tickets for 10, I have to disagree. Yet, the media continues to throw it out...
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    Tamarion Johnson to Arizona Western CC

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    Baylor lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by football players in 4 years

    Haven't seen this posted here yet. "A Baylor University graduate who says she was raped by football players in 2013 sued the university Friday. Her lawsuit includes an allegation that 31 Baylor football players committed 52 acts of rape, including five gang rapes, between 2011 and 2014 -- an...
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    Mark Williams to WR?

    According to Joe Christensen, Mark Williams has been working at WR. Maybe only because his hand is injured and he can't throw. But I wonder if they would do the same with Croft and Green if they had the same injury...
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    A few freshmen played and looked good. Devers made big plays, of course. Kamal Martin had a pass break-up and a fumble recovery, I think. Tyler Johnson had a few nice receptions. Antoine Winfield played, too, according to Ryan Burns, although I didn't see him. Maybe they all made mistakes at...
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    OL and DL lines: who are the problems?

    Our biggest problems, in my opinion, are the offensive and defensive lines. But, like many fans, I follow the ball on most plays, or watch something develop in the defensive secondary. I have to rely on people to tell me when linemen are good ... or not. Are there any specific linemen who are...
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    Souhan and Lane

    Man, these guys work real hard to find creative ways to rip Brewster. They avoid all the legitimate ones and focus on a few things that don't really exist. Lane starts by poking fun at Brewster's quote, "Joe Paterno was better than me today," saying, "Uh, Tim, Paterno is ALWAYS better than you."...
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    Non-U of M tailgating options

    Just wondering if anybody found any tailgating options around campus that will be available on a game-by-game basis. My group ended up at the East River Flats lot, and we were thoroughly disappointed, even for $10. We arrived at 3:00 and got one of the last spots available on asphalt. Except...
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    Big Ten's Greatest Games: Season 3

    BTN announced its schedule for the BT's greatest games (football). It will include the 1989 game vs. OSU, when we led 31-0 and lost. The Gopher football team has treated me pretty poorly since I became a fan in the early '70s, but that was the first agonizing...
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    11,000 single-game tickets available for every game

    From the Star Tribune: I guess I was overly optimistic. I do think that season ticket base will creep up when people who go to select Big Ten games find out that they aren't assured of getting in without a season ticket. But I'm wondering: Why is there a waiting list if they're hoping to...
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    Jordair Jett -- St. Bernard's

    I don't remember his name being brought up here. Odd, considering the interest he is apparently generating. Charley Walters had this item today (sorry if this has been posted and I missed it): "The hottest basketball ticket in town tonight is for the game between undefeated Hopkins and its...
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    6-7 in 2006 vs. 7-5 in 2008

    For some time now, the media and some on this board have talked about how the Gophers' turnaround from 1-11 to 7-5 is being overblown, because Mason was 6-7 just two years ago. I agree. However, the likes of Art Vandalay, Gopher God and ULFR parrot Barriero and Reusse more and more now and use...
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    New post counts

    Although many people will have (or already have) their post count updated to reflect their past activity, others won't. So a lot of posters will have only a handful of posts for quite a while. Won't this cause mass confusion? We all know that posters with very low post counts are either stupid...
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