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    All Things Paige Bueckers Recruitment Thread - Videos, Analysis, Tid-Bits, Articles

    I was replying to a comment about "when Borton was replaced," meaning Stollings.
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    Whalen contract extended a year

    Seems like a vote of confidence?
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    Game 5: Gophers Host Montana State (11-23-19)

    Montana State has proved to be a canny (or lucky?) bit of scheduling. Although they were no great shakes last season, this season they're 11-1 in conference, a nice RPI boost. (And a good reminder that gaming the RPI is not about scheduling against teams with good RPIs, but about scheduling...
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    B1G Conference Games: 2019-20

    Really annoying that the Indiana game at the Barn, less than two weeks away, is still listed as a TBA game time (presumably because of TV). Hey, athletic department, some of us might like to make some Saturday plans.
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    STrib: Minnesota Rebounds from Low Point

    Call me an optimist, but I'm going to read "could miss the game" as "She's playing but we don't want Michigan to know that."
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    Watch Lists 2019-20

    I respect your passion and data but I have a hard time imagining them picking someone for this award who is not currently playing and, regardless of the specific circumstances, quit on her team in mid-season.
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    All Things Paige Bueckers Recruitment Thread - Videos, Analysis, Tid-Bits, Articles

    It was the best women's coaching job in the country at the time, no question, and Mr. Thinks-With-His-Little-Head whiffed on it.
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    Meanwhile, CVS was on the sidelines, arguing that Gopher players were being too physical!
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    Also, not knowing the status of never-players Cummings, Sconiers and Ross, with Brunson in the locker room for (most of) the second half, am I right that when Masha A fouled out, that left the Gophers with a grand total of five eligible players?
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    Oh, and I have a new least-favorite player in the B1G: Tekia Mack. Not sure if she yelled at her teammates or the refs more.
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    Good game for the Gophers. Bad game for the heart. Pitts was in the house for the entire game, btw, not too far from the Gopher bench.
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    Monday NCAA RPI 2019-2020

    Creme's Bracketology finally notices the Gophers aren't doing so well:
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    I'm inclined to think Scalia is "molded" in her own identity, rather than someone she ended up playing with for six months.
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    Women's Basketball Forum

    This is a new forum, started after the previous (lamented) one was closed. As I recall, there was some reluctance to start a forum within Gopherhole for women's basketball because the site hadn't received much women's bball traffic at that time, but then it was pointed out that many folks from...
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    Destiny PItts Suspended & Taiye and Kenhinde Bello Do Not Travel with Team to Illinois

    Might be time to reconsider the banner ad with images of Lindsay, Destiny and Tayiye, which just now is still the one that welcomed me to the women's bball page on the site.
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    Destiny PItts Suspended & Taiye and Kenhinde Bello Do Not Travel with Team to Illinois

    That makes no sense. She has five years to complete four years of eligibility, 2 1/2 of which she has completed, apparently. You think she'd like to play next season at a new school and then only the first half of the season after that?
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    B1G Game 3: Gophers @ Nebraska (1-4-20)

    Wait. Sissoko is available? I thought she was ineligible for the whole season?
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    Monday NCAA RPI 2019-2020

    Creme likes OSU not "merely" because of scheduling but because that Louisville win is one of the best OOC wins in the country.
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    Taiye Bello

    Did I miss someone posting this already? She's conference co-player of the week
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    Monday NCAA RPI 2019-2020

    I feel like reckoning with Notre Dame is a big problem for both sites. Especially at the beginning of the season, I think last year's results are still a big factor, which becomes less the case as the season progresses. Last year's results are not going to be a good indicator at all of how Notre...
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