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    MN ink on ESPN site

    I haven’t followed football as close as b-ball, but nice to see any good National news for the Football team. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    Utah Previews

    Any one know much about the Utes or the kid from Austin, MN?

    This year’s Maroon vs Gold scrimmage

    Gopher fans will be able to get their first look at the Minnesota men's basketball team on Sunday, October 28, as the team announced its annual Maroon & Gold Scrimmage. The event will begin at 3:00 p.m. at Williams Arena and is free and open to the public...

    Former MN assistant coach Vic Couch passed away Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    Realistic reflection

    Stealing this from the Talk Gopher Buckets podcast (2/19), but I thought it was spot on. First let me say, I get how fans have been frustrated with the season's W-L, our team's inability to finish off close games early in the BIG, and some loses to teams "we" expected to beat. Just imaging how...

    Rest Rodney

    Looks like the ankle is bothering him, I see no reason to have him in there tonight. I hope Tubby plants him on the bench - Why risk further injury.

    ANy Reply of the UNC game

    Couldn't watch the game last night. I thought I'd be able to come home last night and find the replay available on the site. Well, no luck. I'd love to see the game if anyone knows of an archive or replay happening. Going to look on Charter's listings next. Thanks! Go Gophers!

    Couple ?? for those who were at or watched the game

    I was working on a project due in the morning and unable to go, watch, or listen to the game..... 1. 17 offensive rebound and only a 6 point win. Please explain 2. Did the Gophers really forget Anthony Tucker could play at a high level? Thanks in advance.

    Big Guys MIA

    Great win for the Gophers this evening, but what happened to our centers (RS3 & Colt). They were killed when playing together. 7pts/4rbs between them. I am greatly concerned after tonight. Our 6'7" and under guys can not carry us the entire BT season. We need these two to step it up now...
  10. JMGIII

    Michigan center Ben Cronin out for season

    More bad news in Michigan - He's actually ending his career. The kid never really played much, but I hate to see anyone have to give up sports due to injury. Kudos to Michigan - He will stay on scholarship. Classy move...
  11. JMGIII

    Lucas asked not to attend practice & Dahlman named captian

    Great story - Izzo interview on Lucas' inability to get the message about the responsibility which comes with greatness.
  12. JMGIII

    I missed the game- ? for those at Williams

    I was unable to make it, nor listen to the game today. Obviously a lesser quality opponent (no disrespect to Brown). I read in another post we did not press at all. So, after looking over the box score I have few questions if you don't mind. 1. Was our offense really that efficient? 2. how many...
  13. JMGIII

    Couldn't Resist.... OT: Gillispie Update

    Found this following some links from GH. Gillispie pleads guilty to DUI.
  14. JMGIII

    The win defies the statistics

    On the road... 30.7% overall FG, 64.3% FT, 7 assists, and only scoring 52 points. Normally I would say that spells defeat. Great defense, 16 O-Reb (winning the battle of the boards overall), and a 16 Iowa TO's to our 11. There will be more be ups & downs, but this was very satisfying to see...
  15. JMGIII

    Tradition continues

    Looking at the box score of today's game I couldn't help noticing the rebounding of our guards. 11 of the 26 rebounds were from guards (Al, Blake, Lawrence, Kevin). Al lead the team with seven. I did not count Devron, or Travis as guards. Devoe didn't get any today, but he has in past games. As...
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