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  1. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Looking for one ticket against Nebraska

    Have a friend who wants to come with, looking for one ticket.
  2. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Gophers receive commitment from 2019 guard Bryan Greenlee

    Wow was not expecting this. To be honest, I had not even heard of him until the commitment. He had an offer from Iowa per Marcus Fuller. Regardless, welcome aboard! He fills a position of need and can come in and prove his worth! <script async src=""...
  3. Frank Grimey Grimes

    I mean Dan has a point...

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  4. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Nate Mason signs with Maverick's G-League Affiliate

    Congrats Nate! You have earned this, hope he does well and can maybe work his way on to an NBA bench somewhere. <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
  5. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Funniest/Morbid things overheard at the Barn?

    I was at the game Saturday against Rutgers and although I usually here some funny jeers from the Barn faithful, I may have heard the one I laughed/shook my head at the most this season. During the game, Rutgers had a player(#15) twist his ankle and fall down in the paint due to the injury. I...
  6. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Rey Estes Transfering to Illinois

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  7. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Akeem Springs fires me up!

    Akeem Springs really was the ultimate home run transfer. He was a good player but an incredible leader on our team two years ago. He embodies what all of our players should strive for. He truly was overlooked in his season here and I think that his absence last year was a huge reason for the...
  8. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Andy Katz: Top 20 Returning Players for 2018-2019...Where is Murphy?

    Andy Katz relased the remaining top 5 returning players for 2018-2019. Here is the 20... 1. Carsen Edwards, Purdue 2. Luke Maye, North Carolina 3. Caleb Martin, Nevada 4. Ethan Happ, Wisconsin 5. Kyle Guy, Virginia 6. Tyus Battle, Syracuse 7. Markus Howard, Marquette 8. Rui Hachimura, Gonzaga 9...
  9. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Adam Beck Transfering to Texas Tech

    Check out @adambeck_’s Tweet: This one is a little concerning for me...he was highly recruited and probably saw the field this year. Second young secondary player to seemingly randomly leave with Handy Holly. Are these off the field...
  10. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Has Minnesota ever produced this much talent before?

    I am curious of other's opinions on this matter, has Minnesota prep ball ever produced as much high level basketball talent as is coming out over the next few years? The 2019 and 2020 classes are absolutely stacked with high major talent. We have two top 10 players in Hurt and Suggs with...
  11. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Pit transfer Marcus Carr officially commits to Minnesota

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Massive get!!!
  12. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Ben Johnson to Xavier

    Per Marcus Fuller's twitter.
  13. Frank Grimey Grimes

    All Things MN Basketball State Tourney Thread

    I know a lot of us on here watch a bit of high school basketball and with Sections starting this week, figured it would be a good time to start a thread. Feel free to post anything from any team. If you find any good games with a stream, post it here as well. As I post this, Prior Lake is...
  14. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Isaiah Washington over the final ten games

    I posted this in another thread, but want to educate those who have not been paying attention to how well Washington played down the stretch after his benching. His final 10 games -12.9ppg on 44% shooting -49% percent on 2p shots! He shot 33% from downtown(where he needs to work), 78% from the...
  15. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Nate Masons Career

    I saw a tweet last night that said that Masons Career will be remembered with an "un" before it. Either underappreciated, underachieving, or underutilized. What are people's thoughts? Do you agree with the tweet? In 5 years, how will we remember Mason?
  16. Frank Grimey Grimes


    Didn't see one already. Apologies if one already existed. Go gophs! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  17. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Happy 90th Barn! Who will be there Tuesday?

    90 years ago to the day, the Minnesota Field house opened her doors. Completed at a cost of $650,000, 9.26M in today's money. She has her flaws but there is no other venue that I would rather spend my time at. If we play like we did against Michigan we should have no problem against Nebraska at...
  18. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Video on Washington's struggles

    Found a youtuber who did an analysis of Washington's struggles. The video is not super in depth but touches on all of the key issues he is having. Worth a watch in my opinion. The second video is essentially a scouting video on Washington. That was made before the season and basically predicts...
  19. Frank Grimey Grimes

    Drew''s Popcorn

    I have been going to the barn for years and had never tried Drew's popcorn before tonight... Someone on this board suggested that I try it and tonight was the night I got the lightly buttered version and it was fantastic. The popcorn was cooked perfectly and had the right amount of crisp to it...
  20. Frank Grimey Grimes


    This is a different team from last year and Lynch is not coming back...but just remember we started 3-6 in the conference last year. Hopefully Coffey will recover quickly.I also excited to see the bench players like Fitzgerald, Hurt and Harris and see how well they are able to develop. Close...

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