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    Imagine if we had won one of the MSU, Wisky, Maryland games

    Not a big what if person but I'll do it anyways, what ff we had won just one game of the MSU, Maryland or Wisky games. Feeling good about things but so encouraging to be winning games that we should, and being hyper competitive in the ones that are against solid teams. Been a while since...
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    I've watched 3 of the 5 games, the three that have been against more legit opponents (UTA, SJU, ARK). The good: - Coffey; better than advertised, very good with the ball and in transition, best passer on the team. - Curry; he is very, very smooth and doesn't look overwhelmed, shooting stroke is...
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    All Things Tubby Smith Thread UPDATED 5/27: Vince Taylor joins Tubby at TTech
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    Alex Oriakhi - UPDATED (4/13): Oriakhi to transfer to Missouri

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    Watching Oregon thrash LSU. Rather sad it didn't work out with Devoe here. He is a very good offensive player, and is fun to watch. Did we offer Carlos Emery? I thought at one time we were interested. He looks pretty good. Might be the Oregon system, but he is a big body, athletic, and...
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    I don't think enough can be said for his development this year. He is turning into the guy that does a bit of everything; score in transition, rebound, block shots, assist, etc. One sequence last night that I think epitomized his development, in a round about way: bricked a free throw, then...
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    It looks different, and I like it

    Might just be early season optimism, but I like what I see. The offense moves better, we have more athleticism on the perimeter, and we seem to play faster. Many have improved (Austin, Trevor, Rodney, Mav), and the newcomers have shown something early (Dre, Eliason). Overall it seems positive...
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    Can anyone summarize this Insider article...
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    Recruiting news?

    We're getting close to early signing period. Any news on the recruiting front? Anything we should expect to hear? We've got a minimum of 1 scholly for next year, and the chatter on recruiting news is drying up. JohnnyGopher? Anyone?
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    Going against the grain here. While I am sad to see Devoe go, I am not feeling too bad about the teams prospects. We have some history without Devoe (winning our first several games this year), and I am looking forward to others step up and play big the rest of the year. Specifically, I have...
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    Thoughts from last night

    Overall - very ugly and frustrating to watch. Seemed like one of those games where the squad just wasn't ready to play. I found myself throwing the remote and cursing several times, especially with Ralph, Devoe and Colton. Rodney - best game I have seen him play. He was active on both ends...
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    Highlights from the game last night?

    Are there any video highlights anywhere from last night's game?
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    Who are the "Cagers"?

    Did I miss something? Who the H are the "Cagers"?
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    Freshman class

    At one point last night, we had Walker, Ahanmisi, Hollins and Armelin out there together, and that was the group that brought us back into the game after being down early. I was skeptical when we signed 6 guys this year that even half of them would ever contribute, but I am glad I was wrong...
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    Random thoughts from last night

    Some thoughts after watching the game last night. Not covering everybody, just those on my brain. The good: Hollins - very impressive. He just seems to know how to play. We are very lucky to have him with Devoe being out. His shot looks a little funny but it works, and I am not scared to...
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    i can't find the link; can someone send?
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    Thoughts from last night

    Some thoughts from last night. Freshmen/Newcomers: Hollins - most impressive out of all from my perspective. Much more athletic than I expected, very fluid, smooth player. I can see why Tubby likes him; seems like a nice, quiet kid who plays hard. I expect him to be in the rotation all year...
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    Ticket question

    Does anyone know when seat reassignments will be communicated for this season?
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    Wouldn't it be sweet if...

    ... despite the rumors flying around, Tubby stays, we get C. Joseph and M. Walker, and we go into next year with a top-3 finish in the Big Ten in our sights. That possibility, despite the rumors flying around, seems like it might actually happen.
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    Money situation at the U

    It is my understanding that literally tens of millions of public funding has been taken away from the U in the past 5 years. For those who are more educated about the financial situation at the U, can you shed some light on what the impact of the broader legislative environment or funding...

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