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    2021-2022 season.

    Unless Helgren improved drastically since we saw her in AAU and high school, don’t count on it. Her footwork was atrocious, and she was too slow getting down the court. These combined to make it hard for her to be effective in inside out defense.
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    A New Transfer - Deja Winters
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    A New Transfer - Deja Winters

    I see on Raoul’s list that the Gophers are getting a transfer from North Carolina A&T. Deja Winters, 5’11” Sr. W, from Cleveland. I haven’t seen anything else about her.
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    2023 Recruiting

    I really hope Tessa lives up to her potential in college. I watched her older sister, Rae, play through high school and have been following her career at Iowa State. She has regressed quite a bit from her high school form.
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    Transfer Portal

    If you’re saying she’s good enough for the Dakota schools, then she should be good enough for the Gophers. Remember, the Gophers have lost to South Dakota the past several times they played them in preseason. Both South Dakota schools have been to the NCAA several times in the past five years...
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    Transfer Portal

    I watched a few of Mikayla Hayes’ college games, and she does not appear to have progressed from how she played in high school. She always had good hands, but she is slower and not as physical in the post.
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    2021-2022 season.

    Helgren was pretty uncoordinated in high school, big and slow. I never understood how she went to a P5 school. I don’t think she’s a good get for Minnesota.
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    WBB Impacts: NCAA extra season of eligibility to winter sport athletes

    Another thing to consider is that on the women’s side, many young ladies complete their bachelors in their first three seasons, and use their fourth season as a graduate year already. If they’ve already started their masters at a school, they are less likely to transfer for that fifth year to...
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    2020-21 Season schedule? Originally, according to this article, Minnesota was one of the teams scheduled to play in the inaugural Battle 4 Atlantis women’s field this year. While it is no longer called Battle 4 Atlantis, the event is still being held, albeit in Sioux Falls,South...
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    NCAA Oversight Committee to Propose November 25 Start Date

    It seems to be working for both soccer and football in all the states around us, and in many states across the country.

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