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    Since 1994...

    No team has made the tourney with fewer than three wins away from home. What a stupid year to not be able to win on the road. It makes no sense. I see Indiana as a must win.
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    Richard Pitino Era Obituary

    On Wednesday, February 26th, 2020, the Richard Pitino Era passed away with 1.9 seconds remaining in the contest against the Maryland Terrapins. After a long struggle with dismal shooting, stalled offensive possessions, defensive lapses, and depleted rosters, The Pitino era perished surrounded by...
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    Funny Story As We Patiently Wait for Sat.

    I 've been a Gophers fan as long as I can remember. One particular memory stands apart. It was November 2nd, 2002 and I was an impressionable 12-year-old. The Golden Gophers faced the Ohio Buckeyes in Columbus. I don't know what the circumstances were, but for some reason, I did not watch the...
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    Q1/Q2 Wins and Losses (Excluding Non-Tournament Contenders)

    With the tourney right around the corner, a lot of focus will be on Q1 and Q2 victories. I realized that this might not be a fair measuring stick. While watching the Ohio St. game on Thursday, I saw that 3/4 of their Q1 wins were against teams that were on the bubble or not in tourney contention...
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    2018 March Madness - Got an Angle?

    Do you have any good information, hunches or other tidbits on any of the recently announced matchups? I figure we can help each other out to win some $ in the office, family or friends' bracket pool. Maybe you know of an injury that could be problematic, a matchup nightmare, or a metric that you...
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    I've heard a couple of times how we are "statistically" one of the most unlucky teams in basketball. Let's analyze this game and look at some things that did go our way: -Petteway has 3 fouls in the first half -Nebraska get T'd up twice -Nebraska shoots 20% from the 3 -Elliot actually hit a...
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    How Bout a Quick Shout Out to Richmond Before Tip!

    Just knocked of #3 RPI UMASS and had a nice win over the weekend against #45 RPI Dayton. Our second best preseason win is starting to look a lot better! Go Gophs
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    Has Tubby ever....

    called a play at the end of the game that has gotten the shooter a great look? If so, please when?
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    Sorry but the truth hurts

    This team sucks. We are a team consisting of a bunch of babys with 0 heart. Our defense is a joke, and our half court offense is even more of a joke. How do other offenses get open look after open look? We are lucky to get Hoffarber or Devoe open once or twice a game. Sampson is weak. And I am...
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    Ugliest Player in B10 (exlcuding Gophers)

    Who does it just piss you off to look at? Mike Brueswitz

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