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    Science - Who to Trust A recent interview with the former president at MIT has perfectly articulated my primary issue with recent scientific discourse, especially relating...
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    Suniva Trade Case

    I thought this topic might spur some interesting discussion, particularly because it hasn't yet made it into the realm of political talking points. I would be interested to hear the various perspectives. Quick facts...
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    Congress Is on the Verge of Passing Multi-Year Extensions for Solar and Wind Tax Cred This should prompt some interesting discussion :) Personally I would be ecstatic if this passed. I work in the solar industry and this has been a banner year. Fingers...
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    "Today, A Federal Appeals Court Killed Free Speech on the Internet" From the article: "A federal appeals court ruled that the FCC can no longer enforce which websites Verizon and all other broadband providers can favor, limit access to, or outright block — even if it’s to prop up a service or website of...
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    House Res. 368 Proves Govn't Shutdown Is Republicans Doing

    This video says it all. Democrat rep. Chris Van Hollen's last statement, "Democracy has been suspended, Mr. Speaker."
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    Maarching band members shave head in support of Director Dr. Tim Diem and his family.

    Sorry, it is a facebook video:
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    Senators trying to rush through massive online sales tax hike
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    The Harlem Shake

    Let's get ahead of the curve on this next year's gangnam style and start playing this at the basketball games. Just a few days old, I can already see it exploding into a "thing."
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    Video: North Korea video shows US city under attack

    North Korea, poised to conduct a nuclear test any day now, has posted a video on YouTube depicting a US city resembling New York engulfed in flames after an apparent missile attack...
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    Where to watch the Michigan game in Vegas?

    On the one hand, I'm very disappointed I have to miss seeing the game in person. The barn should be electric. On the other hand, work has sent me to Las Vegas and I can't be mad about that. I've never been here, so does anyone have a good idea where I can catch the game on Thursday? My hotel is...
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    Offensive Plays

    Do any basketball minds out there have a read on the offensive plays used in relation to the hand-motions of the point-guard coming down the court? I've noticed the "rub the stomach" one a few times this year. In previous years I can picture Al Nolen with the "salute" and the "zipper" motion up...
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    Brilliant clip from Jon Stewart last night on Fox News and Mitt Romney The embedded video is about half-way down. One of the most satisfying things I have ever watched. "The biggest problem with this bull*&^!#*&^!#*&^!#*&^!# is they act that their...
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    OT: old Onion article - Coach Draws Up Patented 'Unbalanced, Highly Contested 3-Point,27723/ Something to brighten up your off-season.
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    Keep Voting for Wally Ellenson in Slam Dunk Contest! Yeah, I know it's a facebook link, but the future gopher made it to the championship round and currently holds 51% of the vote. It would me some nice exposure for him to win.
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    OT: Joel Przybilla Disrespects Ricky Rubio =(

    C'mon man. What a dick. This was in last night's win over the Trailblazers.
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    2011/2012 Player Intro Video Sorry if this has been posted but I just got it in an email. Such an awesome video! I am continually impressed by these every year both with football and basketball. Does anyone know who they get to create them? Love the Mbakwe roar, and the Rodney...
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    Purdue Trip Advice: Where to tailgate, drink, etc.

    We have a decent sized group (8) driving down for the Purdue game. We are all in our young twenties. Anyone know of any good places to drink, good lots to tailgate, and any other advice? We are staying right on campus in the Campus Inn, driving down Friday and heading home Sunday. Any help...
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    Orange Krush to bring 150 to tonight's game Per this thread, the Illinois student section is taking a roadtrip. The trip is also being documented by BTN for a segment on The Journey. I wish they would have shown the Barnyard trip earleir this year. They could show the dedication of...
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    How about that awesome new intro video!?

    That thing was pretty sick! It got my blood boiling! Definitely better than last year. Does anyone know if it is online anywhere? :cool03:

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