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    Jason Williamson

    Corners are corners because they can’t run a route or catch a ball.
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    Ervin: If Minnesota keeps winning, P.J. Fleck will get tantalizing offers to leave. But should he?

    Hollywood means what? Conceded, self centered, big headed, or materialistic? PJ is far from Hollywood.
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    2021 Minnesota Class

    Makes sense with justice. We all know Michigan isn’t what they used to be. Jimmy needs to find a new job. I find the Penn State and Auburn win way more impressive than a Michigan win.
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    Suggs craps on Pitino in strib article

    Not wrong on what? His own personal opinion. Do you know how an opinion works? Amir going pro is patinos biggest failure? What does he have to do with him going pro? Little to nothing.
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    Odds that Oturu will be a Junior next year

    He will be here next year no doubt.
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    2021 Minnesota Class

    Looking at the 2021 Minnesota class I see again that the top two prospects are not staying home. I don’t get what it’ll take to keep the kids home. I would love to play for PJ.
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    Matt Miller on Tyler Johnson: Rd 6-7; He’s not fast. He’s not big. He’s not getting good character reports

    Yeah can’t get any worse than the treadwell pick. Johnson will have a more productive career than treadwell no matter if he is drafted or signed as a free agent.
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    Ibrahim highlight video - Outback Bowl

    Beast mode. How many times did he get yards after the first hit. That’s what makes good running backs great running backs. RTB
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    PJ Fleck named B1G Coach of the Year!

    What did Ryan Day do besides inherit an Urban Meyer talent team?
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    More bad timeouts

    When will the bad timeouts stop? There has been 2 already today. It’s sickening.
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    KSTP: Chatting w/ P.J. Fleck's agent Bryan Harlan

    I would beg to differ as star ratings really don’t mean much. Take a look at Penn State vs Gophers roster for this years game. On paper Penn State should’ve whipped us but they didn’t because there is something that doesn’t show up on paper and that’s heart and the ability to get the most out of...
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    Bad timeouts

    The bad timeouts have to stop. This has been an issue dating back to last year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I smell blood

    Let’s finish it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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