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    Move a safety to linebacker?

    It appears we have three big time safeties. in Travis, Johnson and Thompson. They are all about 210 pounds. It would be nice to have all three on the field at once.
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    Two deeps?

    Has coach Kill came out with a depth chart yet?
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    Wally at the four?

    If Wally Ellerson is in the 6 foot-6 range could he see some minutes as the so called stretch four? Undersized but if he can shoot threes and he is athletic he could possibly give you a few minutes there. Looking at all the guards it seems like something to consider.
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    Chip Armelin

    He would really help this team. With the way Welch has went in the tank Chip's energy and toughness off the bench would be nice.
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    Merged Threads: Frustrated with PG play

    I posted many times over the past year we needed another guard to handle the ball in the program. Was told we had enough point guards.Turnover after turnover.
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    Too few guards

    In looking at the roster we basically have four guards, at least who can handle the ball if you include Maverik. Same deal as the year Nolan got hurt and Joseph left. To me Tubby seems to recruit size more than anything. In today's game the wrong approach IMO. If we stay healthy we should be ok...
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    Tim Miles

    The new coack at Nebraska. Just watched his press conference and you have to love his personality. I'm betting he does well.
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    Recruiting puzzling?

    So we have Ellenson a six-five swing player that is an average shooter whan it seems we need shooters who can handle the ball.Buggs seems OK but we really could use another big.We have plenty of poor shooting swingmen. Then you look at future recruiting next year.We offer a project from...
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    Losers ,Tubby has to go

    There is no excuse for tonight.
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    Hire Bob Knight

    With him coaching this team we win by ten.He wouldn't tolerate the same mistakes over and over.
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    He is just flat out terrible.If Mo was healthy the stiff should never see another minute.
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    Monson recruiting versus Tubby's

    I was thinking about the players the two have brought in and there's not much difference.Even this years team with Monson recruits Nolan and Hoffarber.Grier was better then anyone Tubby has recruited.Jerry Holmen,Rickert,Humpries,D. Coleman as bigs with fowards like Stamper,Taverius Bennett...

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