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  1. GopherRock

    The Athletic: Hog Heaven: How an Iowa community is memorializing the home of the original Floyd of Rosedale

    Isn't there also a large pig sculpture in a roundabout in Fort Dodge?
  2. GopherRock

    ESPN: Nebraska and the Big Ten: A decade of struggle for stability

    The Big 8 of Nebraska's heyday usually consisted of them, OU, one other halfway decent team (this rotated between Missouri, Colorado, and Oklahoma State), and five other rotten, ends-blown-out tomato cans. The Big Ten West has been much better than that.
  3. GopherRock

    The Best Pizza Joint in Every Power 5 Conference Town (Minnesota: Mesa Pizza, Dinkytown)

    Also, the original Savoy Inn (on E 7th St at the entrance to the Lafayette Bridge) has been closed for at least 2 years.
  4. GopherRock

    2021 Minnesota Wild In-Season Thread

    Isn't Parise's deal over with soon?
  5. GopherRock

    Huntington Bank Stadium

    As I've said earlier, the criminal part wasn't selling the naming rights to the New Brickhouse. It's that Joel Maturi let TCF have the naming rights for only $35 million over a 20 year deal. Same way his guarantee games pretty much bankrolled the Dakota schools move to D1. If you're going to...
  6. GopherRock

    Ranking the loudest stadiums in the Big Ten (#8. TCF Bank Stadium)

    Halloween 2009 vs. Michigan State wasn't quiet either.
  7. GopherRock

    Critical Race Theory
  8. GopherRock

    Gophers in Rose Bowl, slim chance in my lifetime

    On top of that, Iowa is something like 5-1 against Top 10 teams at Kinnick in the last 15 years. Mordor is where MNC ambitions go to die.
  9. GopherRock

    Hallman: The Gopher football stadium should have been named for Sandy Stephens

    The biggest insult isn't that TCF bought the naming rights. The biggest insult is that they only paid $35 million for a 20+ year deal. If you're gonna sell out, sell out!
  10. GopherRock

    Colorado Road Trip

    PSA: That video includes the notorious goal post incident from 2002. Viewer discretion is advised.
  11. GopherRock

    Colorado Road Trip

    Speaking of road games, any word from the ticket office about when they go on sale to season ticketholders?
  12. GopherRock

    Twin Cities traffic nears pre-pandemic levels

    I think it's basic fluid dynamics. Trying to get the last 3-5% of flow into the pipe causes all kinds of problems with the flow within the pipe.
  13. GopherRock

    Start Times Announced for Three Home Games

    Brought to you by Casa de Autos.
  14. GopherRock

    Walz is a Fraud on Covid LockDown

    Which is why candidates for office who claim they'll run government like a business should be dismissed out of hand.
  15. GopherRock

    Walz is a Fraud on Covid LockDown

    I'll even throw in a bridge in New York for free.
  16. GopherRock

    You need to drive - you have to drive.

    I thought this was going to be a discussion of how 75 years of American transportation policy have made car ownership a de facto requirement to survive. Guess I'm in the wrong place.
  17. GopherRock

    Walz is a Fraud on Covid LockDown

    If you're buying what Plandemic was selling, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona for you.
  18. GopherRock

    Colorado Road Trip

    Is Silver Mine Subs still a thing?
  19. GopherRock

    90s music

    Speaking of 93.7 the Edge...

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