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  1. GopherOhana

    shout out for Conner Olson, top Guard in the Big Ten
  2. GopherOhana

    Predict the score vs Michigan

    I’ll give this a second try. Yesterday Instant Offense came very close to the actual score. Winner gets 13 ounces of Gopher Victory Coffee Beans that I roast. Closest to the actual score but also must pick the winner correctly. I’ll post an ‘entries closed’ message shortly after tip off...
  3. GopherOhana

    Predict the score vs Purdue?

    I miss these dr don posts. How about, I can send the winner 13 ounces of “gopher victory” roasted coffee beans. 13 is what’s left when you roast a pound of green coffee beans. Closest score but must pick the winner Gophers: 63-62 I’ll post a “no more entries’ shortly after tip off
  4. GopherOhana

    Eboigbodin leaving Illinois

    "makes six players who left the program with eligibility remaining, as Spicy G joins Leron Black, Michael Finke, Matic Vesel, Tejon Lucas and Mark Smith" underwood might have to play 5...
  5. GopherOhana

    Men's Tennis Sweet 16!
  6. GopherOhana

    OSU Kevin Feder OL to Minnesota?

    grad transfer with 2 years of eligibility left. Minnesota mentioned as a possible landing spot
  7. GopherOhana

    Sagarin: Gophers up to 43, Arkansas 44

    oddly, the same for both BB and FB today Checked the Basketball ratings, then went to the Football rating and thought I had erred and ended up in the basketball ratings again Regardless, the Hogs are the Gophers of the SEC
  8. GopherOhana

    2016-2017 Wrestling

    this is more 2017-18: any chance Lance Benick returns to the state and considers joining the Gophers? Steveson at 184 this year even though roster says 197?
  9. GopherOhana

    Week 3 Bowl Projections BigTen

    Ooops. I think something is missing! Bowl Projections: Ohio State: CFP Semifinal vs. Louisville Wisconsin: Rose Bowl vs. Washington Michigan: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State Iowa: Outback Bowl vs. LSU Nebraska: Pinstripe Bowl vs. Auburn Michigan State: Holiday Bowl vs. Oregon Indiana: Music...
  10. GopherOhana

    Springs now on the roster

  11. GopherOhana

    David Plummer, swimming, going to Rio

    Congrats to former gopher swimmer David Plummer. Going to Rio in the 100 yd back. His semi final time was the fastest this year and 5th fastest ever
  12. GopherOhana

    What's up with wrestling?

    down year. currently ranked 22 by Intermat, with three tough matches coming up getting beat recently in recruiting. Mark Hall says he wants to be the face of Minnesota (the state, not the university) wrestling, then signs with Penn State is the U becoming less relevant in college wrestling...
  13. GopherOhana

    Brock released by Chicago

    Bears house cleaning continues
  14. GopherOhana

    BTN BigTen West breakout Players Rodrick Williams Jr

  15. GopherOhana

    Golden Gopher Jameis Winston

    apologies if this has been posted before watching the nfl draft yesterday they showed Winston's high school and showed a billboard with "Golden Gophers". seems we're not the only Golden Gophers, but I liked it all the same
  16. GopherOhana

    Learfield Directors Cup standings

    definitely a winter sports school
  17. GopherOhana

    More ISU arrests 5 in one year seems to be a lot
  18. GopherOhana

    Roster down one today

    not a total surprise DM off the roster
  19. GopherOhana

    all things Mike Lukashewich thread

    we need one, right? his highlight tape on youtube Welcome Gopher Lukashewich!
  20. GopherOhana

    Brock named a NFL Combine Winner by Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner

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