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    Who shot the baseball coach in Plymouth?

    Well it seems like they’ve figured out the type of vehicle. Hope they find it
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    Ben and Jerry dog desserts

    I was hoping it’d be gone by now but I’m still seeing it
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Surprised by Anderson coming back? Or not coming back? He seems like a well-liked guy but this season has been miserable
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    All Things 2021 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    Waddell made no sense in extras. I get it that Colomé has been demoted out of high leverage situations but he was fresh. If not him then use Alcala and give yourself a chance. Rocco’s losing me quickly
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    All Things Movie/Documentary Reviews/Recommendations Thread

    He really thought he got screwed over but it’s kind of up to the viewer to decide how true that is.
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    All Things Movie/Documentary Reviews/Recommendations Thread

    Thanks to you and Gopher in NY’s recommendation of White Boy. I really enjoyed that. It got me on a Netflix documentary kick. I then watched Tread and enjoyed the heck out of that. Have you guys seen that?
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    Fresh Start Liam Robbins Thread

    How does Garza compare to Ethan Happ? I thought given Happ’s college production he’d be a 2nd rounder. Boy was I wrong. Obviously Garza has the 3 point range that Happ didn’t have but they both lay bricks at the FT line.
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    Hey! Look at who is back in the transfer portal and who else just entered it

    Seriously. I don’t understand it: he wanted to come here, he played at Hopkins, he averaged 16ppg for a Division 1 program and you’d think MN is a little higher profile than RI. We have how many guards on the roster for next year right now? 0? Who is Ben Johnson waiting for?!
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    Hey! Look at who is back in the transfer portal and who else just entered it

    I just read on Kare11 that he wanted to come here but was never offered. I’m kind of surprised
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    Frozen Four Predictions

    Nice win Gophs! Think we can beat the Mavericks? After tonight, I’d sure hope so
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    Frozen Four Predictions

    And I thought the Sioux looked gassed in the first OT. What a game. Second longest in playoff history now
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    Frozen Four Predictions

    Is the UMD/UND game basically for the championship? Fourth longest playoff game ever and counting...
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    Even after sleeping on this for two nights, I’m still disappointed. I always figured Muss was a pipe dream and I wasn’t enamored by Dutcher’s age so I was really hoping for a Smith of Medved. I would’ve been ok with Gates. Moser seemed to play himself out of consideration and never seemed...
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    “Hard times”? They’re gonna pay him $2 mil a year
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    Yep. If we were going to hire a young alum, why not Ryan Saunders? At least he’s been a head coach and could say “I know what it takes to get you to the show.” I do not understand this hire.
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    Big Ten Men's Ice Hockey Tournament Bracket Announced

    Awesome. Thanks for this color
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    Big Ten Men's Ice Hockey Tournament Bracket Announced

    I can’t wait! Is it so big because the two teams are highly ranked? Does the winner get a 1 seed and the loser a 2 seed in the NCAA tournament?
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    Final Field of 68 Projection: Last Team In Syracuse Must Sit And Wait Sunday, Hope For Houston Win

    Just out of curiosity: how did the Gophers’ resume look compared to some of those teams in the Last Four In? I’m assuming they beat some higher ranked opponents, but just didn’t have enough wins (and zero truly on the road).
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    Doogie on Gophers HC job: Miles would have interest in the job; Sam Mitchell would love this job; Marquette outworked Gophers staff for Dawson Garcia

    Just curious why? NBA pedigree- coaching and playing. NBA coach of the year in 2007. Got a taste of college coaching for a year in Memphis, so I’d assume he knows what it would entail as far as the recruiting grind. Always seemed like a likable guy during his time here.
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    Blind Resume Poll: Gopher Head Coach Candidates

    Didn’t he post some “row the boat” speech on Twitter recently? He and Fleck would have fun together. I’m in

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