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    Season Opening week - advice about travelling around?

    Dear All Apologies for a self-indulgent post... Travelling from England for my second visit to Minnesota the week of the season opener. Will have my wife, son and his girlfriend with me (son and girlfriend both in their early 20s). Last time I visited we were pretty unadventurous in terms of...
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    National Signing Day Part two

    Sorry I am a bit off track this side of the pond... Is the late signing day all about hoping Williams could still honour his initial commitment or are there other possibilities/potential surprises for us to look out for?
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    Strength and Conditioning Coaches

    Just wanting to post warm wishes to Coaches Klein and Pearson who I understand from Twitter are moving on to pastures new. I personally feel they did a really good solid job in getting our kids bigger, stronger and more physically suited to competing in the B1G in the time since Coach Kill...
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    Myrick NFL combine

    Apologies if this already out there. Really pleased for him - exceptional in the Bowl. An under the radar rough diamond that flourished as a Gopher.
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    How much worse is this going to get?

    Not looking to blame anyone or upset any other posters - just massively concerned about What happens next:- Things bigger than football. 1) I can't believe we have progressed to trial by media - how can we have got to a position where details such as these have been shared before the players...
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    Catching Up - Projected starters for season opener

    Watched the spring game but not read much on latest injury updates/position battles etc. Will be very grateful if someone can spend a few minutes to either post an up-to-date weblink or note down the likely starters for the opener?
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    speculative fun: NFL draft - which Gophers end up where and when/how

    Hate that it is 9 months to the next real game so, just for fun, thought I would start a who goes where thread. Pre- senior bowl, pre combine, pre workouts. Thought we could award a point for guessing a destination correctly and a point for a correct draft round. I will track back to this...
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    Bleacher Report All B1G Conference Team

    Just read the Bleacher report 'All B1G Conference team' - only Epping and Maxx selected. A bit disappointed the likes of Cobb and Wilson were not. Is there an official Conference Team selection at some point? If so, when is it? Thanks in anticipation of a response,
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    MVPs thus far - Who ya got?

    On work avoidance strategies so busy thinking about the world's most improved college football team and how proud I am of this magical season. Decided on my offensive MVPs thus far - Cobb first with Maxx a close second and someone from the OL third (not sure who to single out - would have gone...
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    Possibilities for Bowl Games

    Hi All Still in orbit after the win yesterday. I understand from a regular fans/teams perspective this is way too early to start this thread - one game at a time etc. But I've got to start saving for a flight to a bowl game and am unsure how all the tie ins will work! Please can someone help...
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    Opinions on Linebackers moving forward

    Got a bit caught up in the atmosphere Thursday and didn't watch as closely as I should - but it seemed as though there were a lot of rotations at linebacker. Guessing it was either because of the heat/time the defense had on the field or because we haven't quite made our mind up on the starters...
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    Advice for Novice/First time fan

    I am an English Gopher fan making my first trip to Minnesota (along with my teenage son) for the UNLV game. My work commitments make it impossible for me to travel Sept to January so these Thursday night openers are a special opportunity for me to attend (went to Vegas last year). Really keen to...

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