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    Ben Johnson gives Gophers basketball update on Instagram

    So So, worst case scenario, things stay the same?
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    According to multiple reports; Marcus Carr is expected to withdraw his name from the NBA and return to school next season.

    I loved watching Carr play, and he would undoubtedly be the best player on the team if he were to come back. But I think it's healthy for all parties that he/we move on. The home team has an epic rebuild ahead of them, and I don't think Marcus Carr should be a part of that. He needs to play for...
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    It's outrageous to expect him to land 2022 guys that have already been rebuilding relationships for months (perhaps years) with other schools. If he gets any of the MN top targets, he is vastly exceeding expectations in my book.
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    Eli King commits to Iowa State

    TJ Otzelberger was Eli's older brother's coach at SDSU. I think this has a lot more to do with TJO than it does Iowa State. There has been a longstanding family relationship here between TJO and the Kings. I'm not really sweating this.
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    I don't mind this at all. He's a proven BIG 10 contributor and would have played 35+ minutes a game last year if he hadn't transferred out.
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Is the Brandon Johnson announcement of testing the draft waters a coincidence? Or are we going to land both of these guys!?
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    Gabe in Portal

    Maybe BJ told Gabe how he envisioned his role, with an emphasis on defense and leadership and minutes and shots assuredly dropping. If in Gabe’s mind, he’s a volume shooter and a top offensive option, this would be a tough pill to swallow. I wish Gabe the best. I can’t imagine how tough last...
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    Assistant Coaches

    I'm supportive of Ben and am proud to call him coach, but this is getting really dicey...
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    Another BOOM: Eylijah Stevens from Lafayette

    Gach looked really good in the preseason. His dreadful first BIG game against Illinois really seemed to affect the rest of his season. In his defense, he was playing on a bum foot most of conference play. I hope he can be a solid rotaional piece once fully healthy.
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    New Transfer Commit: Luke Loewe from W&M

    Under 30% 3pt % in 2020/21. Underwhelming.... Edit: I see he's a PG. I feel better about it. Perhaps a decent holdover until Holloman takes the reigns in 2022.
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    Why all the disappointment?

    I’m legitimately thinking about getting season tickets. So pumped! I’ll always be able to say, “I got in right when the glory days began and gopher fandom morale was at an all time low.” Ben’s gonna kill it!
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    Being the head coach vs Richard Pitino’s assistant is a very different situation.
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    I’ve mentioned a friend of mine very intune to the AAU circles and he was adamant Ben Johnson was the coach Coyle needed to hire. Anything else would be a blunder. I’m really hoping he’s on to something!
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    Let’s go Tar Heels!

    If Wisconsin controls the tempo. They win easy. It kills me to say that....
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    How many times this year have we f***** up the “hold till last shot play” before half
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    Brandon Johnson is intrigued by another Big Ten season, Eric Curry 'at peace with not playing basketball‘

    Time and time again BJ was the only player on the floor showing any resemblance of toughness. He would be a great player to have during a transition year. I hope our new coach can convince him to stay.
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    Chip on Gophers: Pitino never connected with MN HS and AAU coaches; first two calls should be Beilein and Musselman; can't let Marquette get Garcia

    I know a gentleman who’s very in tune with the AAU scene. He’s friends with some of the program heads and they’ve said Pitino has NEVER reached out them. They didn’t have good or bad things to say about Richard because they literally don’t know him! How is that even possible!? So, for the “not...
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    When did you feel the best about the Pitino Era?

    Akeem springs blew is Achilles in the BIG tourney. He was our best perimeter defender by far and a great leader. Plus Mason was dealing with his hip.
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    When did you feel the best about the Pitino Era?

    I’d have to say it was in the 2016/2017 season when we beat Purdue in West Lafayette in OT. Freshman Eric Curry shut down Swanigan in OT after Lynch fouled out. The future looked bright with Coffey and Curry as standout freshman, plus Mason, Lynch, Dupree, and Murphy were only juniors.

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