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    You have $15 to build the best starting lineup: Big Ten edition

    Your goal is to pick a starting 5 you think would have best chance of winning the NCAA Championship this season. The ONLY rules are that you can't spend more than $15 and you have to pick exactly 5 players. Choose how you want but make sure it's a realistic starting lineup you'd throw out there...
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    Basketball talk: Where does the team go from here?

    First and foremost, let me express that the findings in regards to Reggie and his past actions are far greater than a game of basketball. I sincerely hope that the victims are able to cope with any struggles they've endured as a result and that they are able to find the strength to press forward...
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    A curse on sports in Minnesota??

    Took a game like this to bring us back to earth it seems. While this is certainly an improved team from last season, it is also not quite an NCAA Tournament level team. Losing to, quite frankly, a bad Michigan State team at home is a tell tale sign. If f we can't win games like this at home...
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    2016-2017 College Basketball Transfers

    Might as well start it off early, right?! <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    Summer practice player updates

    First and foremost before any of the updates, I'd just like to acknowledge Ryan James and what a great job he did at Rivals as he's making the move over to join Ryan Burns at Scout as of tomorrow. Anyways, brief player updates from practice (from a non-Pitino standpoint).... Curry-...
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    Ex-Baylor OL BJ Autry recent visit to Minnesota??

    Sounds like 6'4, 320 lb tackle Branton "BJ" Autry was once Florida Gators commit, turned JUCO All-American, turned projected Baylor starting offensive lineman this year before leaving the program recently. Visited Minnesota this past weekend, but still murky as to what the details are regarding...
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    All Things Jericho Sims 2017 Thread - UPDATED: Sims Commits to Texas

    Figured it's time to start one for the 6'9 SF/PF out of Christo Rey HS and D1 Minnesota. Minnesota, Iowa State, Xavier, K-State offers all in one day, impressing scouts everywhere, a hot name on the Adidas circuit this weekend. He's impressed recruiting analysts, and seems like a good bet to...
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    Stephon Sharp commits to the Gophers as a PWO

    6'4 wing and product of D1 Minnesota. He's one year removed from Hopkins and went the prep school route like Kamali Chambers if I recall correctly. He had a full scholarship offer from Hampton (if 247 is right). Joins Jordan Ruliano as walk-ons in the 2015 class.
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    Post-Game Thread

    -I suggest not getting caught up in all the postseason hope and speculation (whichever tournament that may be) quite yet, focus on the now. That stuff will work itself out. This team has made some awesome strides these past few weeks, and how they are playing now is what we've been asking for...
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    Post-Game Thread: The Ugliest CBB Game Ever

    Ugliest game I've ever seen. No doubt about it. -We know the Gophers can make any game close, but they can't win them, so it doesn't matter. -Andre was great in the first half, irrelevant in the 2nd half -Squirrel was bad for pretty much the whole game, but showed some guts late. I appreciated...
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    It's official - Gaston Diedhiou has been admitted to Minnesota!

    Gaston Diedhiou admitted, eligible for tomorrow This is great news! Tomorrow will be everyone's first taste of him. Should be interesting.
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    Nebraska struggles

    Surprised when they lost to Rhode Island? Well they are trying to get on Michigan's level now. They follow up a home loss against Creighton on Sunday with a loss tonight at the hands of.....Incarnate Word. The same Incarnate Word team who recently got blown out by UTEP. What is going on...
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    Post-Game Reaction Thread

    -Allowing Wisconsin to go on a 23-0 run just isn't acceptable, under ANY circumstances -Cobb and Botticelli worked their butts off today. Kudos to them. -Getting THIS close to playing a Barrett-less Ohio State team for the B1G Championship hurts. It hurts alot! -Honestly, I've seen elementary...
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    Here's what will lose us (or win us) a handful of games this season

    Free throw shooting! It must improve. Perhaps the most beneficial single practice Pitino could run all season is one in which they shoot and shoot and shoot free throws. Run them, get them real tired, than have them hit more free throws. (you get the point :)) In tight games going forward...
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    Can Banham suit up for the men's team too?

    Just wanted to lighten the mood a little. But Banham's a 46% three-point shooter. She's definitely a better pure shooter than anyone on the men's team with the exception of Nate Mason. Maybe she can be our secret weapon going forward! Lol. (In all seriousness, if anyone hasn't watched her...
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    Nebraska fans convinced Minnesota will win Saturday

    A little change of pace from last week's Ohio State fans on the Eleven Warriors board. The Nebraska fans on HuskerBoard seem to truly believe that this Saturday will belong to the our Gophers. *Check out this commentary from the Nebraska forum (Cool possibilities chart attached as well)*...
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    Gophers ranked #25 in the country by Selection Comittee

    I honestly didn't expect it, but it was just shown on the college football playoff rankings show on ESPN right now. Good to know the committee is recognizing what Minnesota has been doing! Rankings 25. Minnesota 24. Texas A&M 23. Utah 22. Georgia Tech 21. Duke 20. Wisconsin 19. Clemson 18...
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    *UMN vs UMD Official Game Thread*

    Gophers up 24-9 with 7:50 left in the 1st half.
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    Holiday Bowl reps in attendance

    Per Doogie, some Holiday Bowl reps will be in attendance at TCF on Saturday. The Holiday Bowl (a top 10-15 bowl) would be a nice landing spot and the Gophers would get a solid opponent in that game should we be in it. Hopefully we impress with a big rowdy crowd (it matters in the bowl...
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    Mathieu and Hollins ranked 9th best duo in CBB In a recent Bleacherreport upload, the top 20 duos in college basketball this season were predicted. Guards Deandre Mathieu and Andre Hollins came in at #9 on the list...

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