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    Iowa Big 10 Kickoff 2020 -- FRIDAY NIGHT - Sept 18

    Interesting. Will be a short week for Iowa, as I think they play Iowa State the weekend before.
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    Tailgate pass vs Maryland LOT C37

    I have one pass available for Maryland - could be the game to go to 8-0 and set up the Monster Match up with Penn State. Asking $100.00 Email
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    Purdue Game Time.....

    I may have missed - or it was buried with no news. But am I correct to assume we are in the ever "Fan Friendly" portion of the schedule where they will let us know a whopping 7 days in advance of kick off time. This is by far the most annoying part of the scheduling. It does appear that with...
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    Marqueis Gray on IR.......Cruel Game Too bad - got some good reviews and was slated to have a breakout year as a starter in Miami.
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    Lot C37 - Fresno State

    We have 1 pass available - $75.00 Can meet this week.
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    Gophers vs Michigan State Feb 13th

    We lost our sitter for the night and have a conflict that arose later in the week so we can't go. We have 2 tickets in Section 216 Row 2 - Face was $80/each + $5/fee - Chairback Seats We would take $120 ($50 total below face) - these are cheaper than any other tickets on StubHub, Craigslist...
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    Weather looks perfect. We have an extra pass. Lot opens at 8:30 am on Saturday. $80.00 - contact me and we can meet up.
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    4 Tickets - vs Wisconsin -- Section 110 Row 31 and Row 25 -- 2 Pairs -50 yd line $175

    I have 2 sets of Wisconsin Tickets -- 50 yard line, sunny side of the field. One in Row 31 and One in Row 25 -- awesome seats. Less than the $215 the ticket office prices this game out to, averaging out the requested donation amounts. Hard Tickets in Hand - I am out of town with family, so...
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    2 Nebraska Tickets Section 110 Row 31 -- $200/each

    I have an extra pair of Nebraska Tickets -- 50 yard line, sunny side of the field. Less than the $235 the ticket office prices this game out to, averaging out the requested donation amounts. Hard Tickets in Hand - I have another pair, just don't need all 4 PM Me or text at 651 283 5811
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    C37 Tailgate Spot -- $100 -- Sept 30 vs Maryland and Nov 25 vs Wisconsin

    Asking $100/game. Have the tickets in hand and can meet anytime. I am out of town for both games - my loss your gain. PM Me or text 651 283 5811
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    NCAA Session 2

    Anyone who got tickets - the strip - interested in selling their Session 2 tickets? I don't have any yet but I am taking my 7 year old son. He is a huge Minnesota fan and my wife went to Iowa State, so in turn he is a HUGE Iowa State fan. Going to give him a surprise trip to Milwaukee for...
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    Tailgating vs Northwestern Lot C37 -- FOR SALE $100

    I have 1 pass available for the Northwestern Game. PM with interest
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    C37 Tailgate FOR SALE - 2 Colorado St Tickets on 50 yd line FOR SALE

    I have tailgate passes available for the following games: Prices per game listed: Sept 10th Indiana St $80 Sept 24th Colorado State $100 SOLD Oct 22nd Rutgers $100 SOLD Nov 19th...
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    I donated a package of tickets to a family that is a close family friend of my in-laws. They had a beautiful girl who was born with only 3 chambers to her heart, and we need 4. She lived an amazing 2 years but finally lost her battle. She was such a sweet heart and her smile would warm any...
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    2 pm Future CFP National Championship Locations Announcement for 18,19,20 -

    Will Minneapolis get 2020 -- have heard chances are good. Would be quite a run for our area -- 2016 Ryder Cup, 2018 Super Bowl and Frozen Four, 2019 Final Four, 2020 CFP National Championship. Millions into our economy....the Super Bowl is really the only one where they control much of the...
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    JT Barrett Loses Scholarship...What a joke.... Punishment is to miss Minnesota Game, only 1 game. Back for road game at Illinois with a "wink wink" you don't just get back starting job unless our O is struggling and...
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    Lot 37 Parking Pass - Michigan and Illinois

    I have 2 Tailgate Spots for Sale -- Michigan $125 - SOLD Illinois $75 I can't make the games - so my loss is someones gain. Contact me at
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    Injuries - Can someone post a list of roster/depth chart today vs. opening day?

    I have been in and out of the season due to unexpected circumstances. Curious where we are. I hear stats like 11 of 22 TCU starters out -- Anyone seen or have a simple list of injuries. Just curious.
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    Gophers vs Iowa Wresting --- In Kinnick -- Same Day as Primetime Kickoff...???? Iowa cousin text me this -- will be interesting. The article talks about a big announcement coming up that involves 11-14-15 and a...
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    Building a Program

    I have heard lots about how this is Kill's 4th year and the program should be built and the losses this year are frustrating and blame on coaches, etc..... Saturday was as frustrated as I have been in a long time. In my mind that is good, as expectations are raised and when we make mistakes...

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