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    Australian Punter Mark Crawford???

    Anyone know the status of Mark Crawford, the Australian punter?
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    JD Spielman News

    I thought it was time to have a thread on JD Spielman. I expect there will be some news in the near future and I'm tired of checking the original thread only to see posts that have absolutely nothing to do with JD.
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    Red Shirt Watch Update Anyone???

    Anyone keep track of frosh who played against Fresno State. Particularly interested in Faalale and Dunlap.
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    CFB Best Quarterbacks Week 11 #1 Overall Demry Croft
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    Best Streaming Service to Replace Satellite for Gopher Fan??

    Long time lurker. First time poster. Can anyone recommend a streaming service that will provide for my sports needs? I would like all the BTN channels, so I'm sure to get the Gopher broadcasts, plus NFL Network and the ESPN channels. My focus is Gophers football and basketball. Hulu Plus...

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