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    Coney Durr

    The defense played a very good game and I was especially impressed with Coney Durr. I thought he played very hard. He left the field with a shoulder injury but came back in shortly. He played well against both the run and the pass.
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    Basketball related-Pete Maravich

    On this date in 1988, Pete Maravich died playing pick up hoops. Maybe the best ball handler ever. He was amazing to watch.
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    Huskers lose at home

    Northwestern shot very well and gave the Huskers their first lose today.
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    Annual trip to the barn

    Despite the current state of affairs with the Gopher basketball team, I am excited for today because it is my one and only chance to see them play in person at the Barn this year. I am not sure why we picked this game, I saw the debacle in Lincoln when these two teams the worst basketball game...
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    Big Gopher sports weekend

    A little off topic, but what a weekend for Gopher sports. The NCAA basketball tournament, Gophers currently in 3rd at NCAA wrestling. Gopher women hockey in the Frozen Four on campus. Gophers men's hockey playing in the Final 5. Gopher baseball hosting Texas in the dome. A lot to pick from.
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    Oakes drafted in 11th round

    Taken by the Rockies, is he gone?
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    Gopher baseball sweeps Northwestern

    Gopher pitchers only gave up 2 runs in three games to the last place Wildcats. Big series in the conference next weekend between Purdue and Nebraska. The Huskers went into Columbus and won 2 of 3 from the Buckeyes.
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    Ben Johnson

    Didn't see this posted earlier, but the Cornhuskers and Tim Miles just hired former Gopher Ben Johnson as an assistant coach.
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    Baseball question

    A question about a Minnesota kid that got away. I was reading about the Huskers upcomining season with a new caoching staff and they talked about all of the players. The Huskers have a freshman shortstop by the name of Pat Kelly, from Red Wing. It looks like he has won the starting shortstop...
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    Big day for Eric Decker

    Decker led the Bronco's with 5 catches for 113 yards and 2 touchdowns. He did lose a fumble.
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    Sports Illustrated recruiting article

    I don't think it has been discussed, but SI had a long article about basketball recruiting in last week's edition. It talked about the time and travel spent by assistant coaches. A couple of comments that caught my eye, were made by Scott Duncan who was an assisant UCLA and in charge of...
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    Good weekend for Gopher baseball

    In what has been a very dissappointing season for the baseball team, this was a good weekend. They swept Indiana in Bloomington to even their Big 10 record at 6-6. Indiana was tied for the conference lead.
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    Richmond beating Purdue

    late in the first half by 12.
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    Aaron Senne

    I remember Johnny Gopher talking about this kid when he left for Missouri, that he could have been a monster pickup for the Gophers. The Rochester native was just named the Co Big 12 player of the year. He batted .410 with 16 HR and became Misouri's all time hit leader. He moved to 1B this year.
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    Gopher baseball goes 2-1

    for the weekend. Had some great piching this weekend. Hitting was not great, but enough for 2 wins. Kvasnicka hit a walk off homerun to win today's game 1-0. Big games next weekend against better competition.
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    Gopher baseball

    I see the Gophers will be in Florida the next 2 weekends. Has there been any news on the rotation for the first weekend?
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    Eliason update

    His Chadron team won both games they played this weekend. They had a big win last night as #1 C-1 Chadron Eagles moved up a class to beat Class B #1 Ralston 60-43. Double E had 18 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assits and 2 blocks last night.
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    Former Gopher recruit

    Was watching Sports Center this morning and saw former recruit Kys Faber was ejected from the Depaul/WVU game for blatantly throwing an elbow. Of course Depaul lost again.
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    Full court press

    There was a fair amount of discussion on the board about whether the Gophers could or would press Purdue. I would say they were very successful with it. Certainly was the only thing that kept it close. It does give me confidence that the Gophers will use it against all Big Ten teams. They...
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    Elliot Eliason update

    Eliason's Chadron team made the trip to Omaha to play a very good Omaha Skutt team that is a class larger than Chadron and also had a D-1 recruit that plays center. Eliason went up against James Hajek, a 6-9 senior with an offer from Weber State. Chadron is #1 in C-1 and Skutt is #2 in class...

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