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    How Many Gophers Transfer? If Pitino is in fact fired like is being reported?

    How many scholarship players stick around for the new coach? Yes I know it depends on who the new coach is. But you look at Liam and Mashburn, came because of connection with Pitino and Conroy? Carr entering the draft? Curry graduating. Just curious what everybody thinks a returning roster...
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    Lavar Ball

    Anybody else cheering for Kentucky? This guys is downright obnoxious and put on a lot more pressure on Lonzo who by all means is a good kid. Why do some dad's have to talk? Thoughts?
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    St. Cloud State Advances to Final Four

    St cloud advances pass Midwestern State University out of Texas to get to the Final Four in DII. Junior guard Taylor Witt explodes with 43 points 38 of those in the second half. Congrats to the coaches and players and good luck in the final four.
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    Hassan Mead

    Anybody know why he wasn't on the track this weekend for the Gophs? I know he was defending champ in a couple of events at the Indoor meet? Thanks for the help in advance!
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    Any news on any of the visitors?

    Any word on any of the recruits that visited this week?
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    Visitors this weekend!!!

    According to scout it looks like we have about 10 official visits this weekend!!! Now they aren't all that highly rated on scout, but according to rivals huff and grant are both 4* Legania, Kisseberth, Allen, Price, Durham, Bouie 3* and...
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    Official vs. Unofficial

    What is the difference in visits. I know a college recruit can only have 5 official visits a year but as many unofficials. Are official paid for or what is the difference please help me out. Thanks in advance
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    Gophers Defense

    Anybody else notice this? Starting according to current depth charts 9 seniors and 2 juniors Defensive line and linebackers are all seniors with the only two juniors being the 2 safeties!!!!

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