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  1. Angry

    DMX dead at 50

    He was a flawed individual as we all are. His struggles with addiction and his willingness to share them moved a lot of people. Lyrically very talented and I think history will shine on him favorably. I’ve been bumping him all day
  2. Angry

    Spoiled and entitled NFL players running wild.

    Broke had actually posted one of these stories. I wonder why he deleted it. Oh that’s right he’s a hack. Two Former NFL Players Each Charged With Murder On The Same Day In less than 24 hours, two former NFL players have been charged in heinous crimes. On Wednesday, former NFL receiver and...
  3. Angry

    Will we learn anything UFO’s

    I think any advanced being probably operates mainly in a dimension we can’t see but who knows. I think from a PR standpoint it’s good to release everything you know
  4. Angry

    Don’t waste our time, just tell us who you’re picking

    Save us the exhaustion of thinking we have a voice.
  5. Angry

    Who do you hate more?

    It’s tough! Both are dirty players.
  6. Angry

    As a soldier thank you Trump

    I’m proud of my service giving hope to women in the ME, but it’s time to come home. I think we’ve inspired a couple of generations that will have a huge impact.
  7. Angry

    Demir appreciation thread

    It’s time. Come on gophers fans we thought he was to soft for the B1G.
  8. Angry

    Did 24 die or something?

    Clearly racism
  9. Angry


    In theory I’m for em, but it always seems like us workers get *ucked!
  10. Angry

    Comedy shows in the twin cities

    I didn’t see another thread like this. Tom Segura ****ing killed it! 90% new material. First time at Northrop. Had a blast!
  11. Angry


    Maybe somebody like bass can be impartial about this
  12. Angry

    Yankees or Astros

    Who would you rather play?
  13. Angry

    Veteran Suicide Rates Drop Under Trump

    Barack could do no better than 22 veterans per day. Trump has us down to 17. #MAGA
  14. Angry

    Allow players to earn off their likeness This should get bipartisan support.
  15. Angry

    Criminal justice reform gaining steam

    The reintegration into society is where we are failing. People who want to make a change for the better should be encouraged. Everyone likes a comeback story.
  16. Angry

    Single game tickets

    Does anybody know the date they go on sale?
  17. Angry

    Porngate in Pennsylvania

    Our tax dollars hard at work.
  18. Angry


    I'm 33 and my body aches but I'm seriously considering one more tour. Any of you guys dream about your days in the military?
  19. Angry

    Syracuse NCAA Infractions
  20. Angry

    Gopher Scrimmage Friday Oct 18

    I live close by and Pitino has me fired up so I'll be there but, will I see any of the great GH college bball minds there? Also you cant beat free!
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