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    Will Coronavirus Cause an Urban Exodus?

    An interesting thought. I'm seeing more and more with my profession that I could theoretically sell my suburban home, buy something like a lake cabin somewhere within a couple hours of city, then commute back to the city a few times a month. With the country working from home the past few weeks...
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    Should College Football Playoff expand? Coaches at AFCA convention in Nashville disagree

    Patterson believes the conference championship games should be eliminated and become the first round of the playoffs. Excerpt and link follow: "NASHVILLE — TCU coach Gary Patterson said he enjoyed dissecting the College Football Playoff national title game on ESPN’s "Coaches Film Room" show...
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    Wannstedt/BTN Power Rankings

    All I'll say is, really?
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    Meyer & DiNardo on MN Red Zone Defense

    Urban Meyer and Gerry DiNardo with high praise on the Gophers' red zone defense. Good watch.
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    Per ESPN: P.J. Fleck: really good head coach

    Per ESPN: P.J. Fleck: really good head coach "Minnesota just had itself a hell of a week. First, it signed head coach P.J. Fleck to a contract extension just as the coaching carousel tried to swirl his name into rumors. Then, the Gophers went out and scored their biggest win in years (decades...
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    Cheapest pre-game beer options?

    Meeting up with some buddies before the game but not tailgating this week. We're going to try out some of the public options west of the stadium, but I haven't been to any of those for several years. Any ideas what the cheapest beer options are before the game available to the public? Edit: I...
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    PSU after the Franklin era?

    In a little poke to our Penn State comrades, who does Penn State hire after Franklin goes to USC?
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    PSU Potbelly Kicker

    I'll just leave this nugget here. I totally forgot how PSU had a potbellied kicker that made a big name for himself by making splashy tackles against smaller nonconference foes. <iframe width="640" height="360" src=""...
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    Recruiting & Developing NFL Quality Players

    Seems like every thread here lately morphs into a Fleck vs. Claeys argument with all sorts of subjective arguments thrown in the mix. One of the most common quasi-subjective arguments thrown around is recruiting rankings. In the longer term, I think a better metric showing...
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