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    1 ticket for Penn State for Sale, 2 tickets for Wisconsin for Sale

    I have one ticket for PSU for sale. Upper deck, sunny side, 50 yard line, on the aisle. $80. I will deliver ticket and accept the cash at the stadium. I have 2 tickets for Wisconsin for sale contingent upon my being able to verify that you are Minnesota fans. Same location as above. $100...
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    The Elephant in the Room

    I'm just a guy. A fan for over 40 years. I have no coaching experience. So when I say "how is this offense supposed to work, exactly?" you know it's just me talking. When Coach says this loss or that loss is on him, ok, but you have an OC who is getting paid to present you with an offensive...
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    So much speculation

    Looks like Duke is #1 on the depth chart for Maryland. I'm not wasting any more time reading lame speculation. State your source or keep quiet.
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    The NFL Is Seriously Concerned With Empty Stadiums

    Two things. I notice less shots of the crowd during TV coverage. Also, IMO, they seem to be using "canned" crowd noise to make it seem like the crowd is larger and fully engaged. The NFL fan base is dying and broke. Game over. Go Gophers!
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    So far I am certainly pleased with the passing game, especially our now apparent willingness to hit crossing routes over the middle. Noticeably absent from our passing game so far are Still and Lingen. Wozniak had a couple of grabs in game one. Will we see more of them or will Johnson...
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    Oregon State

    OSU will have 2 games under their belt when they face us. They face Colorado State 8/26 and Portland State 9/2. Probably of little significance other than it shows how bored I am and how anxious I am for Gopher Football to start. It will, though, give us two chances to see them play. Here's...
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    Jim Zebrowski returning to Minnesota as Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator

    for the Buffalo Bulls. "Jim Zebrowksi, a coaching veteran in the Big Ten and the Mid-American Conference, begins his first season as quarterbacks. Zebrowksi brings 25 years of coaching experience to Buffalo, including five successful seasons at Minnesota. Zebrowski was the quarterbacks coach at...
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    Dumb, but serious, question

    I have been a crazed Gopher fan for over 40 years. When I say crazed, I mean it can be like floating above my body looking down at that old guy spewing a stream of expletives at targeting-obsessed referees crazed. So, I spent the Nebraska game at the "sports theater" that is closest to my...
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    2 Illinois tickets for sale in Gopher section

    2 Illinois game tickets for sale that I am unable to use. $35 each. In Gopher section, purchased through Gopher Ticket Office. Text me if interested. 763-744-6268 or reply here.
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    Coach Claeys

    Coach Claeys and Mr. Mackey have never been seen together, mmmk?
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    Do you want to sit by me tomorrow?

    One ticket for the seat next to me at tomorrow's battle for The Axe. Section 131, Row 32 I think. $100 (it cost me $110 but I sometimes swear so you get $10 off.) Text me at 763-744-6268 or reply here but I'm not sitting around in front of the comupter today. Text now while supply lasts!
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    I found myself shaking my head several times today as Illini runners gained 3, 4, 5 yards after contact. It seems to me that we are trying to tackle runners high and try to strip the ball while the runner churns his legs for extra yards. It's time to "get low".
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    I'm in a Rudock State of Mind

    Nice click bait, IMO. So, what will give Rudock the yips? Playing for the Jug? Playing for the Jug on the same field where you got your butt kicked and lost the Pig last year? All of the above? I think we might get some picks off him. I'm ok with our chances.
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    Hallowolverine game

    My girlfriend and I are recycling our Cleopatra and Pharaoh costumes. Sounds like it might be a little chilly. What are ya'll dressing up as?
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    Need two tickets for Michigan at face value

    Gopher fan needs 2 tickets for Michigan at face value. You can text me at 763-744-6268.
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    Did my eyes deceive me?

    I could swear that I saw Brooks and Smith in the backfield at the same time for a play late in the game. How I long for the days with the QB under center with two backs to occupy the thoughts of the defense ala Maroney and Barber. That would seem to me to be especially important when the...
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    Gopher fan needs 2 tickets at face value for Nebraska

    Gopher fan needs two tickets at face value for Nebraska. Cash. Will come to you in the Metro.
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    Viewing BTN in South Florida

    In a nutshell, Comcast sucks! They are showing the Purwho? game here in South Florida. Anybody know of a good RELIABLE place to catch the game in the Fort Lauderdale area? Half the time when I call a bar and ask if they have the game on they say "sure, sure" and then you get there and they...
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    Loss mitigation for the Nebraska game

    Not wishing to see a repeat of our last game against the Huskers, I offer a couple of ideas for damage control: 1. Shorten the game. On offense, we should not be snapping the ball with more than 5 seconds on the game clock. Assuming we are at least able to move the ball and pick up some first...
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    OK, all you offensive coordinator wannabees......

    I am not smart enough to understand what we are trying to do. I think it comes down to the fact that our opponent's defensive line is in our backfield like they are jumping through the portal on Stargate. Sometimes there are three of them in there at the snap of the ball and I'm wondering how...
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