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  1. LakerFan

    Security issues with Gopherhole forum

    anyone else have trouble since last week getting on the forum. Get security messages, site not safe, etc.. when trying to log on from a computer. Phone still works
  2. LakerFan

    Tent cities in Minneapolis Parks

    Saw the park board is going to regulate this to no more than 25 tents at 20 parks. Only they can't evict people, and the person who pops up the 26th tent at a park has just as much regard for their rules as the first person who puts up a tent on public property. They should regulate how much...
  3. LakerFan

    Statues, Mascots, all under attack how the bleep does Washington "Redskins" keep getting a pass?

    Roger Goodell is so totally woke now, Racism is bad according to the NFL, we need to be more aware, silence is complicit racism, except for the silent ongoing support for the most offensive team name in sports.
  4. LakerFan

    U of M suspends campus classes, moving instruction online over COVID-19 fears
  5. LakerFan

    East River Flats Asphalt Parking only

    Not a surprise given the snow.
  6. LakerFan

    Tailgate Spots for Rutgers Game?

    Any insight from locals on good spots (other than alumni tailgate) to hit prior or after gopher game at Rutgers??
  7. LakerFan

    Gopher Gridiron Podcast Nebraska Edition#166

    Just listened to it on Iheart, really great stuff, in depth breakdown player by player on what went right on both Oline and Dline. Highly recommend for anyone who hasn't checked it out before and it's free.
  8. LakerFan

    Badger light show

    Did anyone else notice that during the last 10 minutes of the second half a lot of the time we were on offense the badger stadium crew had the ring lights strobing so hard that you could see the flashing show up on the floor of the stadium and the second the badgers took possession of the ball...
  9. LakerFan

    PJ Fleck on KFAN with PA 11:45 8/9

    Recap what I can remember. Fleck was very hoarse and said that was equal parts concert singing at the concert and yelling at football practice. Beyonce concert was a reward for getting entire system implemented in one week. Next three weeks are about mastering the system now that they know...
  10. LakerFan

    Iowa Roadtrip

    Heading down that Friday. Staying near the stadium at a best western. Looking for best bar scenes for Friday night and best plan for Saturday pre and post game. Got six of us travelling together.
  11. LakerFan

    Burning Red Shirts

    I'm all for burning redshirts on whoever can help right now. It's not that I don't want to protect the future or that I'm completely win now mentality, but we are hovering on the precipice of not making a bowl game right now and that means that you lose those extra practices and extra...
  12. LakerFan

    Faux Pelini wisdom about expectations

    I thought this was comedy gold when I read it and as an engineer I love his formula. Full story at link
  13. LakerFan

    College Basketball's Biggest Night was nearly unwatchable

    There have been times where I have dismissed people who bemoan how far the game has fallen since kids started leaving early for the NBA. Last night made me start to wonder if college basketball can maintain it's status long term as must see tv. I think in general we tune into sporting events...
  14. LakerFan


    Heard Coach Fleck refer to recruits as Howphers not Gophers yet. Anyone have the Fleck to english translation on that? If he explained it somewhere I missed it. Not trolling, feeling optimistic about the new coach and the future, but I'm struggling to keep up with the semantics.
  15. LakerFan


    I'm 47 and a little technology challenged so if everyone else already figured this out, forgive me. I just downloaded the BTN2Go app on my phone last night and cast the Claeys press conference to my TV. Really cool. I'd recommend it highly. I also watched Kirk Ferentz's press conference...
  16. LakerFan

    Deadspin article on Tough year ahead for Bucky Funny Read. Maybe already posted
  17. LakerFan

    One Week Away!

    Anyone seen if this is a Maroon out. Or Gold out? I need to start prepping.
  18. LakerFan

    What should pregame look like around the stadium

    I was sniping about Tailgating on the Cyclegate thread and didn't want to hijack their post so I started this one. IMO as a fan, I would like to see them block off the section of Oak street that goes in front of the stadium pre and post game and use that area for fan congregation, food and...
  19. LakerFan

    Rant about Thursday night games

    Football holds the premier position above all sports in America when it comes to game day. Friday night High School, Saturday College, Sunday NFL. There is no other sport that comes close to owning a specific day of the week for it's events and that dominance helps keep the casual fan base...
  20. LakerFan

    Best Road Games to travel to this year.

    Went to Northwestern last year and had a blast. Wisconsin game this year is off the table because that's thanksgiving weekend. Any opinions on what is the best game to go to out of remaining big ten schedule?
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