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    The last time Gopher Basketball exceeded your expectations?

    I'm wondering if our expectations are too high. It's been a considerably long time since Gopher Basketball exceeded expectations. I think the last time I remember them exceeding my expectations was when they hired Tubby Smith. Although after that it didn't pan out as optimistically as I had...
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    Why can't Big Ten teams win the NCAA Tournament?

    Any theories? It's been 20 years since Michigan St has won it. ACC and Big East each won it several times. SEC and Big Twelve have both won it since. This year would seem like a prime year with the ACC stinking and the SEC being unremarkable. How come despite the usually strength of the...
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    Let's Go Cleveland State and Utah State and San Diego St (and Arkansas)!

    I'd like to have a coach who has won in the NCAA's before! I'm pulling for these teams.
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    There will be three Big Ten teams in the Final Four

    That's my prediction. I'm going with it.
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    Will some teams get backup bids if COVID keeps hitting?

    Virginia and Kansas both got hit. That could push them out of the tournament in favor of other teams. Is this why Pitino hasn't been fired yet? We maybe get a COVID bid?
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    POLL! - How upset will you be if there isn't a new Gopher Men's Basketball Coach?

    How upset will you be if there isn't a new Gopher Men's Basketball Coach?
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    POLL! - Who will be the next Gopher MBB Coach

    If a coaching change happens in 2021, who will be the next coach?
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    Claim your post for the coaching search!

    With every coaching search, it's important for fans to do their best to catch any tips during the search, and most importantly, spot prospective coach's family members checking out the local sites or shopping for a home. We also hope to be able to spot coaching candidates visiting our popular...
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    Worst Head Coach Options for the next open Gopher MBB Job

    Please submit all of your bad choices for next Men's Head Basketball Coach. Bonus points if they have Minnesota ties. I'll start: Russ Archambault
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    I read on Twitter, Casey O'Brien is retiring from football.

    Best wishes to Casey. What an inspiration.
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    Champions Weekend Begins Tonight!

    Don't forget to catch the Nebraska - Rutgers Championship this evening! 6:30 CST. (Big Ten Network).
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    Gophers finish Regular Season 3-3 - 5th In Big Ten

    Ohio State 5-0 Indiana 6-1 Northwestern 6-1 Iowa 6-2 Minnesota 3-3 All the losers: Wisconsin 2-3 Maryland 2-3 PSU 3-5 Rutgers 3-5 Wisconsin 2-3 Michigan 2-4 Purdue 2-4 Michigan St 2-5 Illinois 2-5 Nebraska 2-5 Not a bad year considering the rough start and challenges that were faced...
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    Aireontae Ersery - Watch this

    Found this on twitter from an old friend of GH. Our Freshman Right Tackle has potential.
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    It must suck being a Nebraska fan right now

    Ever since their glory years, they've been searching for answers expecting than any season might be the "next season" to get on-board. I remember the optimism one of my Nebby co-workers had for when they hired Callahan. Prior to Callahan being hired, they had all kinds of visions of NFL coaches...
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    First half thoughts against Nebraska

    Carter on the D-line is good. He'll be a stud. D-line having a decent game. We have a particular defender who seems to find a way to be on the wrong side of a block on almost every play and inable to tackle runners. Our freshman OT is solid. He's a good player. Nice to see our RB's in the...
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    Purdue Could have Used Tracy Claeys to beat Rutgers at Home

    Claeys never lost to Rutgers.
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    Online rumors - OSU / Illinois in jeopardy.

    OSU reportedly is having a COVID issue. This would play large if they need to cancel two games from a national title perspective.
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    Scott Frost is now 7 - 17 against Power 5 Teams - 7-15 vs Big Ten

    Tim Brewster was 7-25 vs Power 5 6-21 vs Big Ten Scott's 7 wins: PSU Illinois NW MD Minn Illinois Brewster's wins: Purdue Purdue Illinois Indiana Mich St Syracuse
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    Official Dec 20 - Crossover Game Watch Thread

    So week of December 20th, Big Ten teams are supposed to play their 9th game which will be a cross over the same week as BTT game. Even though we aren't out of West Contention, here are possible matchups. OSU - Unlikely Indiana - Unlikely Maryland - Would be a rematch, so unlikely Rutgers - May...
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