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    Chris Beard To Texas

    Conroy leading candidate at Texas Tech....probably.
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    Harbaugh appears to be staying at Michigan? Fires DC Brown Speculation has been the AD told Harbaugh he had to take a pay cut to stay. 1. He doesn't want to give up on his dream job as a failure. 2. Does/did he have any where to go?
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    Serious Question: We Still Playing The Badgers?

    Guys, it is Thursday night at 11pm and there is zero discussion about the axe, winning to go to a bowl game, or just somehow finding a way to beating these stinkin' Badgers. "What's this lying around sh...
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    CFP Playoff Top 25 How they going to get Ohio State qualified? Iowa is the 16th best team?
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    Greg Schiano Big Ten Coach of the Year?

    Like everybody Rutgers had no spring football, but Schiano in addition was a late first year hire. His team has been competitive in every game they have played, including versus Ohio State. He has navigated Covid19 , while coaching in a populous area. I'd say the performance of Rutgers is more...
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    Marcus Carr 35 Points Video vs Green Bay

    Pretty fun! Shots looks effortless and silky smooth. Lots of blow bys too!
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    By Returning to Iowa, Will Garza Elevate His Status to the NBA Lottery? Would Oturu have?

    My suggestion that Oturu should have returned to the Gophers was soundly booed by many. He went in the 2nd round of the draft. I was told Garza would not get drafted if he stayed in the draft. It’s pre-season, I’m suggesting Garza could be a lottery pick next year by returning to Iowa this...
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    Good News: Phil Mickelson Tells Deion Why He's Donating $500k plus to Jackson State Awareness, working together and funds should be good news.
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    Postgame PJ vs Iowa

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    Gophers Picked Bottom Four
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    PJ, Tanner, Mo talk to media Gopher Football update.
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    Bob Huggins Proposal...What Do You think of His Idea? It includes a flattering, GQ photo too. Without giving it much thought it would seem to solve some money issues and give closure for some teams. Only about a million things to iron out...
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    PJ Fleck Wide Receiver Coaching Clinic

    Somebody’s thinking football...recently posted on YouTube but it is from last year.
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    Gopher Box Score SW Minnesota State 10-28-19 Nice, box score etc
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    PJ Fleck Post Game Gophers Vs New Mexico St
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    Ranked: 33 Best College Football Head Coaches Couple things to start: Sorry if I missed this being is from January, but I just got suckered into clicking on it now. 9 Big Ten Coaches (by my count from memory) are in the top 33...
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    College Football Recruiting Insight in 2018 - 7 on 7 Leagues vs High School Coaches How popular are 7 on 7 Summer Football Leagues in Minnesota?
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    Gophers 10th Football Assistant Coach Hire January 9, 2018

    Jan. 9th (only about 3 weeks away) NCAA football teams can hire a 10th assistant coach. I may have missed it? But, I have not seen any talk or discussion about who we have hired or are considering? Speculation was that Mike Sherels would be the guy? Was there a story in which he said he was...
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