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  1. LakerFan

    If seating is limited this year, how does that impact season ticket holders?

    Makes sense now when we still have people lining up to get vaccines. By late August, everyone who wants a vaccination will have had one. They are free, so no financial barriers to get one. Why do you need to prove you've been vaccinated if the only people that can get infected and the only...
  2. LakerFan

    Why all the disappointment?

    I am eternally hopeful that the new coach will work here. I think its reasonable to wonder if they made the right decision when Ben probably would have finished behind RP if they had gone head to head for the New Mexico job. Sounds like he was runner up for Northern Illinois. Id have been...
  3. LakerFan

    Mark Coyle just divided the fan base

    I'd say the hire united the fan base for the most part. Just united them in their disappointment. It's a hire that sucks away all hope from the program for the time being. Hopefully the new coach can restore that hope with what he puts on the floor in the next two years.
  4. LakerFan

    Coyle's miscalculations as I see them

    I think this was the safe choice. Former player. Check. Former assistant here. Check. Ties to in state recruits. Check. Ethnicity. Check. Check enough boxes and this is a hire Coyle can't get fired for. Go out on a limb on someone he believes is better but doesn't check those boxes, then if...
  5. LakerFan

    Bowl games winners and losers

    How about Auburn for the losers list? Beat two years in a row by a big ten team.
  6. LakerFan

    ESPN: Biggest surprises and disappointments of the 2020-21 college basketball season (Surprises: The state of Minnesota takes over college basketball)

    We have this discussion with my friends all the time. Even though this is the state of hockey, Gophers are undefeated through 10 games first time in 80 years, there is still more overall buzz in town about the gophers men's bb looking really good. There are more hockey fans here than almost...
  7. LakerFan

    Nebraska celebrates 3-5 and pummeling of Rutgers.

    Bottom 25% is generous. The fact that he can scramble is all he has.
  8. LakerFan


    Guys like Omersa think this a video game where you get points for jumping high and not blocking the shot. Most of the time he is trying to block the shot of a guy he had no business trying to and it leaves him totally out of position to rebound. Just one game you would think a coach would ask...
  9. LakerFan

    Walz is a Fraud on Covid LockDown

    Pretty convenient that Walz delayed announcement on rules going forward while waiting for a relief bill to pass. I'm sure he wants to continue the lockdown but soften the blow talking about relief and hold relief checks as a threat against businesses willing to violate shut down.
  10. LakerFan

    Mashburn, Ihnen, and Williams Ask for More PT

    All we need now is Omersa to ask to play less and we might crack the top 25.
  11. LakerFan

    Playing Time / Based on BC Game

    Agreed but i think best lineups move inhen/Williams to the 4 to keep our other bigs off the floor and use gabe to spell carr/Gach/mashburn backcourt The second half started disasterous last night trying to keep two bigs on the floor, the 9 to 0 run and most of the rest of the half were one big...
  12. LakerFan

    University of Minnesota on 60 Minutes

    And if your the gymnastics coach and you think you can devise a way to make your sport revenue neutral, maybe you should just go ahead and do that, not offer up that you had a plan to maybe pull it off someday after they tell you your getting cut. Reality is, due to Title IX, to be really...
  13. LakerFan

    So bars and restaurants are the problem, right!!! Shut em down

    Agreed It sucks but I get shutting down what you can when things spiral out of control. Comparing gyms and daycare is a laugher. Health care workers and other essential personnel can't go to work if you shut down daycare. Pretty sure we can all exercise without a gym. It sucks, but not hard...
  14. LakerFan

    Whose seat is hotter? Captain Khakis or Frosty The NoMan

    No honorable mention for James Franklin? Worst start in program history.
  15. LakerFan

    Tomorrow's Uniforms - END RACISM

    No way. We can't stop hating Iowa.
  16. LakerFan

    All things Democrat voter fraud reports

    It seems ridiculous on it's face that our president is alleging nationwide fraud without proof and in contradiction with people on his side who were entrusted with election monitoring telling him it didn't happen. Somehow 100's of people in dozens of states perpetuated large scale fraud...
  17. LakerFan

    Squire: Morgan’s Draft Stock Taking a Hit

    Saying Tanner isn't a high round draft pick isn't saying he won't be drafted, Leidner was an UDFA. There's room in between those two things.
  18. LakerFan

    Wisconsin scenario

    The plan is have Tanner Morgan stare down every receiver he throws to until we play Wisconsin and then he fakes staring down guys in that game and catches the Badgers napping.
  19. LakerFan

    Recruiting Concerns

    Been thinking of moving downtown now that the kids are grown, regularly looking on Zillow, actually was hoping for some kind of dramatic white flight price drops, not really happening yet, BUT prices definitely plateaued in an area where they were rising at a terrific rate. Problem is most of...
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