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  1. patrick08

    Anyone else getting spam from the site?

    Recently I get redirected to a spam page when on Gopherhole. Anyone’s else?
  2. patrick08

    Quick Post-Game Thoughts

    - I know you cannot blame everything that happened prior on the refs, but with the momentum we had at that point, that missed PI is one of the worst I have seen. Just awful. I know many other schools (MSU & Wisco) have been screwed this year too, but that doesn't make me feel better. - Yes I am...
  3. patrick08

    My 5 takes because you all asked

    1) Fort Collins is beautiful 2) CBS Sports not significantly better than Aggie Vision 3) Our defense is good 4) Saying Leidner is "average" would be a compliment at this point. Will hurt us all season 5) Rodney Smith is gonna be good
  4. patrick08

    Something to think about

    On Saturday with a minute left, the Gophers were attempting an onside kick in an attempt to force a game with #8 Ohio State into overtime. Next week, they face Nebraska, a team they beat convincingly last year. If they win, they go onto Wisconsin to compete for the B1G West title. Just think...
  5. patrick08

    Where is the Twitterverse reaction thread?

    I like that feature where we can see the Twitter reactions to the game. Any plans to continue it?
  6. patrick08


    Part of the problem with the B1G is the lack of bitter rivals with some of those teams in comparison to what we had with some WCHA teams. I think we might have one starting with Michigan.
  7. patrick08


    These freshmen look good. They move the puck very well. I hope they stick around.
  8. patrick08

    Bye weeks

    Boooo I want my Gopher football!!!:mad::cry:
  9. patrick08

    Not so quick question...

    Why are you bandwagon Gopher fans, who thought the season was over after the Iowa loss and we wouldn't compete against Michigan, so upset after losing today? You obviously had some misguided Rose Bowl hopes before the season, but why so upset now? We played competitive for 3 quarters on the...
  10. patrick08

    Analysis from 234

    Well there's no other way to say it, that was disappointing. We didn't look competitive from the beginning. Is Iowa a great B1G team? No. Are they better than we thought they were? Yes. This team needs more time to learn and more confidence. So what happened? 1. We got our a$$e$ kicked at...
  11. patrick08

    Legends Division

    I am not trying to get ahead of myself after week one, but our division is struggling. I know the Gophers started slow and gave up a lot of yards to a bad team, but in the end we blew them out by 28 points. What about the rest of our division? Michigan- convincing win over a lower MAC...
  12. patrick08

    Jerry Kill Radio Show

    Anyone know where I can find todays show? Couldn't catch it during the day.
  13. patrick08

    Schmidt and Warning

    These guys are playing their @$${$ off tonight. Great play resulting from great depth. What a special team we got!!!
  14. patrick08

    Tame Game

    I know what's at stake and nobody wants to loose because of penalties, but I gotta say this is the most calm I have ever seen a game vs. UND.
  15. patrick08

    Gotta say I'm impressed

    Doesn't seem to be a lot of decommitments for Wisconsin considering all but two coaches have left. I'm sure other midwest schools are trying to raid the talent.
  16. patrick08

    UNC not likely to move per ESPN Take it for what it's worth, but UNC might not be heading to B1G anytime soon. If you go to the ESPN College Sports page they are all over the conference realignment.
  17. patrick08

    ESPN article

    Saw this on ESPN After 25-6? Try and defend that move.
  18. patrick08


    We're going bowling!!! ;) :clap:
  19. patrick08

    Well that's disappointing

    #2 in the country and we lose to Mankato :(
  20. patrick08

    What a clown!!!

    Souhan such a clown. Let's rip on Kill after a dominating B1G win.
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