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    Agreed but we are also seeing the strength of the retail traders. It is back up to 280. Crash averted for now.
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    This is bad. It sure looks like the retail traders are getting screwed. I am worried we will see riots today/ tonight as it is all will be seen as unfair to the little guy. I also think this is the start of a huge crash but I have been wating for one since COVID started (and largely missed the...
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    All Things "Top 5" Thread (Movies, TV Shows, Cities, Countries, Actors, Beers, Restaurants, Athletes, Sporting Events etc.)

    I assume you don't care for hockey. Any hockey fan younger than about 55 has to have Bobby Orr at the top of this list. I would have Jackie Robinson on my list as well
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    A Gopher wins Reusse's 2020 Turkey of the Year award

    Huh? Fenton has been GM for 2 years and one of them was the pandemic year.
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    Can one of the fellas...

    If the usual suapects took a break, this board would shutter. The usual suspects, on both sides make the off topic board unreadable.
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    I would be embarrassed to be American tonight. What a joke.
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    All Things TV Series Recommendations/Reviews

    All 3 seasons of Broadchurch are excellent. Then move on to Happy Valley. British Crime dramas are superb.
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    Security issues with Gopherhole forum

    Also blocked when on government network. Deemed "security risk". Also since last week or so.
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    Videos of vigilantes running around shooting people in the head in WI and coordinating with the police

    The Bucks have forfeited tonight. Other NBA teams will follow. I think lots of places will see a resumption of rioting.
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    Dale Hawerchuk- RIP

    Dale Hawerchuk passed away yesterday from cancer at the age of 57. Hawerchuk might possibly be one of the all time under-rated players in sports as he played in the wrong markets (Winnipeg AND Buffalo) at the wrong time (in his prime he was stuck in the same division as the Gretzky led...
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    and people think Toronto is boring...

    This is one of the weirder stories coming out of a very weird year.
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    Souhan: Gophers, conference led by voices of reason and safety, instead of the selfish and greedy

    He is "pretty fit" so he gets it. He should have been fired for his comments on Jerry Kill. I still have a hard time believing he wasn't.
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    Smithsonian Hates Whiteness

    Louis CK sums it up pretty well.
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    All Things 2020 Minnesota Wild Thread

    Not this year. Wild have a 12.5% chance of getting #1 pick. Lottery is today. The number 1 pick could be going to a pretty good team this year.
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