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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Michigan had a 43-6 run!!! That’ll put a lot of teams away.
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    Chad Ocho Cinco reping The U

    Taking selfies while wearing a University of Minnesota sweatshirt, it appears.
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    Fascinating read: The pandemic has all but shut down the income streams for halftime performers, who typically make $1,500 to $5,000 a show.

    Many of the halftime shows are sponsored, which shifts costs from team to corporate partner.
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    Mutaf to transfer

    Second coming...and going.
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    Bowl Game Thread, 2020

    As we saw earlier in this thread, Indiana has renounced its Big 10 membership so they no longer count as a member of the conference.
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    Seth Green returning

    Was he inexplicably ugly? Then yeah, that was Settles.
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    Izzo's Post-Game Presser

    For years Izzo's post-game pressers have included patronizing pats on the head for the Gophers after his teams have kicked our ass. I love to see him struggle to deal with being on the receiving end of the ass kicking from us for once.
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    Is Carr the best gopher this decade?

    You aren't born at one year old, you live for a year before you're one (effective everyone's 0th year). So why would civilization begin at one instead of a 0th year? Not arguing, just always curious about this rationale.
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    Been a huge Gophers hoops fan since I first stepped on campus nearly 35 years ago. To apply a 25-point beatdown to Sparty and Izzo after so many humiliating losses to them is incredibly cathartic. This one feels really good.
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    Marcus CZAR and the Christmas Day Massacre

    The thing that still pisses me off is there was really no cogent rationale from the NCAA on why his waiver request was denied, when they were handing them out like Halloween candy to everyone else. Was Pitt that vindictive n trying to stop him from playing right away? I recall GH threads that...
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    Marcus CZAR and the Christmas Day Massacre

    I still go back to the 2018-19 season he had to sit out because he was seemingly the only transfer in college basketball who didn’t receive a waiver that year. How much better would that team have been with Carr joining Murphy, Coffey, Oturu, McBrayer and Kalscheur? Could they have won the Big...
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    Would you rather

    I'll take the Sweet 16, but only if we're allowed to keep the banner up.
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    I didn’t say they were bad, I literally said “Even when Wisconsin isn’t good...” If I meant to say they were bad I would have used that specific word.
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