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    The Mall of America Bowl

    This is an underrated reply! I don't know why but the gift bag part of the bit really made me laugh. Menards made think of their discount gloves and giant bag of salted nut rolls...
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    Mike Leach to Mississippi State

    Did MSU put this summary of terms out? Love the "This highest of the following..." followed by referencing a $250,000 payout for winning the Southern Conference title. LOL. SEC, SEC, SEC. Indeed.
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    Is the SEC all that it is advertised to be?

    Interesting read: I think the SEC is the top league right now, but I don't think it is as strong as the national media (looking at you ESPN) makes it out to be. If you...
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    Leach on Sirius 122

    Was listening to Leach and Jack Arute on Sirius 122 this afternoon and they had a question about Fullmer to Minnesota from a UT fan. Neither had heard anything about it (which is no surprise to me), but Leach was asked if he would be interested in the job and while he talked around the topic...
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    Iowa and Wisconsin Games

    Anyone else not pleased that at least in present form it appears we will play both Iowa and Wisconsin either at home or on the road each season? I much prefer the current set up where we play one rivalry game here and one away each year. It would seem to me that the natural set-up would work...
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    Improving the Gameday Experience

    A couple of things got me thinking about the Gopher Gameday and Gopher Fan experience recently: 1. I got the invite to the Fan Fest and saw a thread here questioning if it would be family/little kid friendly like it used to be or more family/older kid friendly like last year. Thought that...
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    Where's your tailgate spot?

    OK, we already had the where are your seats thread, so I thought a where will you tailgate thread should get rolling. Also- why'd you choose your spot? C58 here. Took the lot since besides being a block from the stadium, it would be an easy walk from both Dinkytown and Stadium Village. Also...
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    Throwback Uni's

    Anyone hear anything about the team wearing throwback uni's for the opener at TCF? I think it would be a great idea to have the team wearing the same uniform that they wore for the final game at Memorial. Slap a commemorative patch on the shoulder and raffle the uni's off. If they sold raffle...
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