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    Halfway through Spring, Ohio State has no leader out of three QBS

    Now you're just the weird kid sitting in the corner at the party, making funny noises and hoping someone notices him.
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    Fresh Start Liam Robbins Thread

    I've been holding out hope that Robbins would return to Minnesota, but the beat writer said he'd talked to him the day before and the only two schools on the menu were Vanderbilt and Iowa. He also indicated that Liam has a sister, with whom he's very close, who has special needs.
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    Fresh Start Liam Robbins Thread

    Like burning down an old barn that was quickly rotting away, and building a shiny brand new one... One of the local sports talk stations in Des Moines had one of the Hawkeye beat writers on this morning, and he was extremely confident that Robbins will be in an Iowa uniform this fall. That...
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    David Mutaf

    Pitino = Thibs Canned Minnesota coaches who liked to yell a lot and avoided bench players like they were unwelcome in-laws.
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    Spring Practice: Speculation, Observation, Rumination

    Not that it will be read or responded to, but I sent an email to Coyle today. To break the ice, I referenced having drinks with his brother in the Des Moines area a few years ago. Then I pointed out that I thought it was crazy that updates are streaming out of every other team's spring...
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    All things 2021 MN state high school tournament

    That reminds me of the great Willie Wilson from the Royals. Wilson, Rickey Henderson, and Tim Raines were the three dynamic outfielders and leadoff hitters who made 1980s baseball what it was - speed and movement on the base paths. I miss those days.
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    Transfer kicker

    If I'm reading last year's kicking stats correctly, the Gophers were so fearful of their kickers that they attempted a grand total of six field goals, making four of them, the longest of which was 38 yards. That's...not good. I'm already in love with this new guy.
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    Gopher Pro-Day

    The author appears to have exaggerated Bateman's height by two-and-five-eighths inches. *Bar Bragging
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    New Transfer Commit: Luke Loewe from W&M

    Both Gach is really fast. I think he thinks the court is about six inches wider than it really is when he runs by, however.
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    2021-2022 Roster

    Gabe going in the portal is just like my wife going out clothes shopping. She'll try on this outfit and that outfit and then that outfit over there, and she'll admire herself in the mirror and the sales ladies will say how great she looks, but she doesn't have to buy anything. At the end of the...
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    Gabe in Portal

    Chaos is a ladder.
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    Gabe in Portal

    I believe Indiana has the same number of players - six - in the portal as Minnesota does. But with the rapid-fire changes, my numbers could be out of date.
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    Gabe in Portal

    This is simply the new normal. If a player is confident that he'll be welcomed back from the portal if he withdraws (like Gabe certainly would be), then there's very little downside to entering and seeing who reaches out. It's going to happen more, and more, and more. I fully expect Gabe to be...
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    Strength numbers released by Nebraska

    100% agree. Some boards are militant about keeping comments in a finite number of threads. You go on there and see the same five topic titles and it feels so old and stale and dusty and unwelcoming. Different threads! More threads!
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    Assistant Coaches

    For someone who retreats quickly to, "Hey it's a message board! Our takes don't matter," you get awfully combative with other posters whose takes, according to you, shouldn't matter.
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