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    Shooter: People in the know think "Minnesota will contend for a national championship in two years"

    They're heating up and playing much better, that's for sure. Competing for a National Championship....I don't see it. I was at the Friday night win vs MSU and nothing I saw led me to believe they're ready to take down UMD or (vomit) North Dakota. I am, however, getting excited about next year's...
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    Target should make it up to us by producing a limited edition Becky Badger shirt.
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    How many drunkards, tipplers, souses, and lushes are on this board?

    I don't understand British vernacular (at least that's what they sound like to me), so I'll answer tentatively "no" to each. Drunkard... nope. Maybe I'm just lame. 🧐
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    Gophers Host MSU

    Most people I've seen in Mariucci in a long time. Still have a ways to go to fill it, but it was decent in there tonight. Gophers looked pretty good, too. Fun night.
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    2020 Recruiting State Champs (Map)

    That's because they aren't in Kansas anymore. 😆
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    Biggest bonuses earned by college football coaches in 2019 (T-13. Minnesota coach PJ Fleck: $275,000)

    I can't look at that number and not think of Dumb and Dumber ...." That's as good as money, Sir. Those are IOU's. See this? That's a car. $275-thow. Might wanna hang onto that one "
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    Prayers are needed

    Done. May God bless you, your wife, and your family.
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    Morgan being evaluated for a possible concussion.

    Could be mistaken, but I believe Mortenson was the QB (Cupito was out that day) when we beat Michigan at the Big House in 05 to end a loooong losing streak to the Wolverines.
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    Predict the Score Gophers vs Ioaw 11/16

    I can't believe someone put that on one of our trucks overseas!! Fit for an NJP or possibly a court martial!! Gophers 31, Hawks 17
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    Time to row our boat down The Nile Kinnick River

    Celebrate this win. Refocus. Get the job done down there. ENOUGH losing in Iowa City. Get. It. Done.
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    Ten Gophers football players indefinately suspended

    Doesn't really apply here, but pretty much sums up how I feel right now.
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