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    Notre Dame vs Minnesota

    I'm a UMD guy but the Gophers were always my 2nd favorite team. Always great talent but with the way the game is played now, they are a bit soft. Think Mostzko will eventually change that. Need more rangers and less hornets.
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    Tanner Morgan thoughts

    Which means nothing if you don't make the plays in the game. I would argue that Morgan is the best clutch, big play QB we've had in recent history.
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    STrib: Gable Steveson qualifies for Olympic Trials but is still suspended from Gophers wrestling

    If you type "like" one more time, I may do one of the bits in "Airplane". 😉
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    Gopher Baseball 2020

    Wow, that was ugly. Glad it had no meaning to the record. Get home and beat TCU.
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    What I see...

    Agreed. Yea, New arena might be nice but I don't believe it's why we lose recruits. Also, the new practice facility is state of the art. It's definitely not that. Coach better. Recruit better.
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    Dan Capron - B1G Ref - fun stories about coaches

    Great read. Thanks for posting it.
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    I'm rooting for Damien Wilson and the Chiefs!

    Glad it improved your day. 😀
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    After everything is said and done, I'm just so tired of mediocrity. We never get over the hump. We peeked over it a couple years ago, and while it was nice to see, here we are back to where we usually are. I've stated before that I like Pitino, but just dont think he has the chops to deliver...
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    Auburn's DC just signed for 2.5 Million

    Was he on a work stoppage when we played them?
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    From the Auburn perspective.....

    Yea, really don't like how that play works or looks for us most of the time. Though we've busted a couple big plays, it seems slow to develop, and as others have said, Morgan seems to float the ball out there. Kind of weird, but he seems to have more zip on the slants than on the wide receiver...
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    How will the Gophers Offense Look Under Sanford and Simon?

    I doubt they apply much change to what's working. Concerning the article, I did love t h e analysis of the play where the left side of the line blocked for stretch play and right side for RPO slant. I certainly hadn't caught that during the season.
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    Let's meet our new co-OC, Mike Sanford Jr (Matt Simon annouced as other co-OC)

    Time will tell, as always, but I don't believe that there is any way that he throws out the playbook. I would bet, with a large degree of confidence, that Fleck told him, "we're running RPO. Happy to add your twists to it to make it better but RPO is the offence we will run".
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