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    Media Prediction Thread: Minnesota at Purdue

    And that one win came when we started a walkon Rhoda at QB and had absolutely no depth at all and yet we still were driving at the end of the game to tie.
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    Media Prediction Thread: Minnesota at Purdue

    Purdue site saying how they need to handle business against Illinois and Oregon st so they can go 4-1? How are they even favored in those games??? The beavers are good. Illinois has some pieces. Purdue hasnt proven anything since brohm got here. Get real...
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    Wide Receiver University

    I feel this way. I think lance would still be here and would not be on same trajectory as if he had gone to NDSU. It worked for him
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    Fleck happy with 2 ACC dline transfers

    At the Citrus Bowl: "Just cant wait to get those redshirts off those frosh WRs" If they were that good they would have been
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    Fleck happy with 2 ACC dline transfers

    Heres the thing: Fleck openly pumped the team in 2019 bc he knew he had an experienced team. 2020: PJ was very quiet publicly even though media was high on us. PJ knew the defense wasnt that good. 2021: he is publically pumping up the team. He knows!
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    Fleck happy with 2 ACC dline transfers

    But they have the look of B1G....jeez what a waste!
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    Trey Lance: 'I would've thought that I was going to play quarterback at the University of Minnesota'

    My feelings as well. Trubisky was a top 10 prospect that only played 1 yr of P5 football much less FCS. That's going smoothly. It's kinda similar to Lance: from little experience to NFL top pick. To me Lance is still an raw, undeveloped talent that has a higher chance of failing in the NFL than...
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    South Dakota State 27 - North Dakota State 17 BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Thing is, if Lance had come to MN, would he have won the job as a RS Frosh w zero experience? Would he be on the same trajectory? Likely no. He bet on himself and beat the house. Good for him. Moving on
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    2021 Defensive Line

    I thought he played well when he played at end of the yr
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    1/4 Big Ten Power Rankings

    So does Colgate who currently is 1-1, both games vs Army
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    Considering Davison is on their team ...good lord, that's rich
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    To be honest, refs didnt call about 4 fouls on MN drives to the hoop in the first half. I think that scared MN and they didnt adjust and that's on the Gophers. Badgers are good defensively but were benefactors of a very loosely called game. Pitino needed to adjust and didnt. The gophers then...
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    Reusse on 2020 Gophs: "a lot of slow guys...Who takes the fault for that, Fleck-o-lytes, after his three full recruiting years"

    I agree with many of you guys here regarding speed vs technique. Reusse is absolutely wrong about speed. However, I feel like the defense isnt that far away from being a decent squad. I dont feel like it's a talent issue or even identifying talent. I honestly feel it's a repetition issue...
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    Shooter: At this juncture, it looks like Gophers 6-6 junior guard Both Gach is more advanced than was 6-7 Amir Coffey.

    Amir is a better player. However, I'm just stating that Gach is more athletic but super inconsistent. If we could make him more consistent, I feel like he would be similar to Amir. Remember, Amir went to a powerhouse HS in MN, played on a well known AAU then transitioned to a P5 school. Both...
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    Lansing State Journal prediction: MSU 77, Minnesota 71

    Zero percent, huh??? :) Regardless, awesome win!

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