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    Former Gopher Neel Allen: Man wish I was still in college. Let me be quarantined in Wilkins Hall...LAWD

    Imagine finding out your wife got plowed by this guy for a semester. Ooof.
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    best streaming service for college football

    YouTubeTV with a Chromecast for me. Best thing I ever did.
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    SI: Unexcused Absence: Why Is College Football Attendance Tanking?

    Too expensive Too many TV timeouts Ridiculously difficult to physically get into the venues Too many other things to do on a fall Saturday
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    Gophers were officially co-champions of the West

    Hanging a banner in the stadium would be like this:
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    247: ex-Georgia Tech player accuses MN of taping their bowl practices last year

    If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t competin’.
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    Other Bowl Games Thread - 2019 College Bowl Season Edition

    So Louisville has a player named Tutu Atwell... has to be related right?
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    Power 5 AD in New York this week said a specific 8-team playoff model is circulating around the CFB

    Hate this so much. There's barely 4 teams worthy of the playoffs this year, how can you add 4 more with a straight face?
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    2020 Season ticket renewals?

    We'll be renewing but moving sections. Can't take another season of people standing in front of us in the aisles looking down at their cheese curds every other play.
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    Stadium Expansion...

    Like others, I think it would be foolish to expand seating capacity. You're going to need the stadium itself to attract people as much as the product on the field over the decades to come. I would much rather they invest in 'expansion' ideas like additional lounge areas, patio space, etc. Places...
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    Geriatrics at the game

    What's the password.
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    CFP Rankings: OSU 1, WI 8, PSU 10, Mich 14, Iowa 16, Minnesota 18

    Because they thought we were a paper tiger from the start and, in their eyes, we proved them right.
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    CFP Rankings: OSU 1, WI 8, PSU 10, Mich 14, Iowa 16, Minnesota 18

    We had everything laid out in front of us and pissed it down our leg. Can’t blame the committee for that.
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