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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    Different coach who's an Ohio U alum/same story.
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    B1G Game 8: Gophers Visit Nebraska (1-19-21)

    With Nebraska shooting FTs like they did, fouling them wouldn't have been a bad strategy. And did anyone else forget Cain was in that game? As dominant as she apparently can be, she vanished.
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    B1G Game 6: Gophers Host Penn State (1-10-21)

    Sorry, but he is. I don't expect him to be "objective," whatever that would be, but the constant barrage of hyperbole -- phrases like "That's the worst charge you've ever seen or ever will see" -- is embarrassing, unprofessional and inaccurate (even more so in a game when the Gophers are losing...
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    B1G Game 6: Gophers Host Penn State (1-10-21)

    Stathes is an embarassment.
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    B1G Game 6: Gophers Host Penn State (1-10-21)

    Yikes. Welcome to college, Katie Borowicz!
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    B1G Game 4: Gophers @ Wisconsin (1/3/2021)

    Hey, Washburn-McReavy, maybe shell out the money for your announcer to congratulate the right team when your ads play during women's basketball? Fans of this game probably care more about Whalen than Pitino.
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    Ohio State Self-Imposes Postseason Ban on WBB

    Maybe add a couple more years for buying an athlete by giving her skimpily-qualified dad a job for the duration of her time in the program?
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    2022 Recruiting

    Repeating that it's possible some players, especially MN players, are not on scholarship.
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    2020-2021 Schedule

    I wonder how the relationship is between Whalen and Walz (given that, like Frese, he "didn't play any minutes this year" when the two coaches left the Gophers for Maryland). And I assume, given who's playing for U Conn when they finally start to play, we'll see Geno Auriemma's team in the Barn...
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    Game 1: Gophers Host Eastern Illinois (12/2/20)

    Crooms will be eligible for MSU. No word from the NCAA on Mershon yet, I don't think.
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    Game 1: Gophers Host Eastern Illinois (12/2/20)

    I was intrigued that Sissoko took those two threes. That seems like a shot she'll need to go pro but not one she had previously taken much?
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    STrib: Kadi Sissoko Finally Ready to Show Off Her Talent

    Not that you asked for it, but my advice is that judicious use of the "ignore poster" feature makes this a much more pleasant place.
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    Game 1: Gophers Host Eastern Illinois (12/2/20)

    I know Scalia isn't playing today, and this is probably just because the season has been delayed so much that I'm overthinking, but does anyone else worry about how little we're hearing about her?
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