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    Badgers Broke The Mayo Bowl Trophy

    Well, it was certainly more entertaining that the Gopher Bowl Game.
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    Bielema Hired By Illinois

    According to [someone's] source in C-U, beyond the on field struggles, the AD tired of Lovie's distant attitude toward his PR responsibilities. Reluctant to interact with locals, barely participated in weekly radio show produced at a local watering hole, with no Q/A or other interaction with...
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    Bielema Hired By Illinois

    History has not given much support for this reason/excuse. FTR, BB, like BA, always supported staff who wanted to move upward, even if it meant outward.
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    Bielema Hired By Illinois

    I've tried to blank the entire Legends and Leaders bullshit out of my mind. I guess I never thought of it in terms of being able to win; I was just pissed at not playing out traditional rivals each year. My favorite alternate name for the two divisions was "Where is Wisconsin?" and "Why is...
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    Bielema Hired By Illinois

    I never heard any umors of cheating, just a lot of women who knew Bret in his bachelor days. The better chance to win a Natl Championship at Arkansas never made sense, although the desire to get out from under Barry's shadow did.
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    Bielema Hired By Illinois

    FWIW, here is one Wisconsin perspective. 1) Bielema can recruit. He recruited high-character kids who wanted to play. In this, he actually did better than Alvarez, but he had a much better program to entice kids to. He always said he watched how a recruit treated his mother. 2) BIelema...
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    RIP Sid Hartman 😢

    Badger fan here, coming over to express my condolences on the death of Sid. He truly was a legend, not just in Minnesota, but throughout the Big Ten (well, maybe not Nebraska, Rutgers, or Maryland.) He and Roundy Coughlin can harangue each other in heaven. Sid will get the last word, as he...
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    Congratulations, Gophers!

    I hope your bowl trip was fantastic for you all! I love the Tampa area (well, the greater Tampa area.) We are still licking our wounds in California. But, hey, we're in California, so there's that. It was wonderful seeing the sun set in the San Gabriel Mountains once again. I was starting...
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    Tampa Bay Area radio ad for the game describes PJ as...

    Bombastic = high-sounding but with little meaning; inflated. I'd say that's right on.
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    Wisconsin And Steroids

    Thanks, Goldteam. This is great stuff. Not up to ChinaGopher standards, mind you, but still pretty darn amusing. If you think people in Wisconsin don't know why Bo left, you must be getting all your information from your brother' surgeon. Anyone who doesn't know, doesn't follow sports. The...
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    Who's Going To Tampa?

    I was there in winter, but it was also quite a few years ago. They may have upgraded the infrastructure since then. I'd go with your experience, as it is more current.
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    Who's Going To Tampa?

    Getting on and off Sanibel can be a pain, so plan your trips to the "mainland" carefully.
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    Seven Years of the Row the Boat Culture

    I not going to bother finding the links, but I said plenty about Penn State on their Boards. Their Cult of Personality led to child abuse; Minnesota's just makes them look foolish. Penn State's refusal to acknowledge the issue remains a stain on their institution. If OSU and Michigan had a...
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    Seven Years of the Row the Boat Culture

    My deal is that I think it is beneath the dignity of a Big Ten team. Our teams/institutions should be bigger than any one individual and marketing this Cult of Personality reflects poorly on the conference. We are not the MAC, we are the Big Ten. So, yes, that's "my deal."
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