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    Doogie on Gophers/Badgers TV ratings/Game Day: "Just enormous...Gophs interest crushed here."

    there are a lot of us out there, many just havent had a reason to come out of the gopherhole until recently!
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    Iowa/Gophs TV ratings; 4.41 million; #3 for the day

    It is in the B1G's best interest that we are good. Can sell a lot more ad dollars with the 13th largest TV market engaged.
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    Visual resume of all teams that were ranked

    <iframe src="" width="480" height="420" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>
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    Badger bar to Move into old Library Location

    It would be but I believe the building is a historical landmark as it is the old firehouse station 19.
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    In search of PSU tix

    Currently looking for 3 tickets to PSU. Potentially 4 if it makes it easier to sell. Text six 1 two - 2 zero one - 855 seven
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    Demry in some big, big trouble...
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    Badger bar to Move into old Library Location

    Surprised I didn't see this on the board yet. The Kollege Klub ("the KK") is moving into the old library space. The KK is a staple on Madison's campus and will be interesting to see how it fares here. They literally flipped their logo upside down and put the colors maroon + gold....
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    The Best Part

    Made my first trip to Camp Randall and was a little hesitant going in. I had heard all the horror stories of how terrible their fans were and thought for sure I would be getting into some trouble with my big mouth. So we hit the bars on state street friday night in full maroon and gold regalia...
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    Roughing Passer Call

    Anyone got a replay of that late roughing the passer flag? Was in stands and totally missed it and they didnt show the replay on the big board. Their QB seem to do a fine acting job as he led the TD drive shortly after. Was it a good call or nah?
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    What's the uniform combo for Fresno State?

    others have called it, and i confer. My vote:
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    Sad News

    Hearing Shannon Brooks Mom has passed. Best wishes to him and his family in these trying times.
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    All Things Quinn Carroll Recruiting Thread

    IF he goes? give me a ****ing break. He will be a top pick no matter where he goes. Such a moronic comment.
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    Build the 3rd Deck

    Heck! My chilli is so dadgum hot that i think were gonna sell a lot of tix this year. Hopefully Kaler and Coyle have those expansion plans ready to go in the next couple years!!! #ROWSBOWL
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    Mykelti Williams to transfer from ND... possible gopher connection Two years ago kid was a supposed silent verbal to the gophers and then ND swooped in last minute. Also, Ray Buford (same class) just alluded in a tweet that there would be a new addition to...
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    You jugless fools, it's stein time!

    found who this guy is
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