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    Spring Practice: Speculation, Observation, Rumination

    Very good stuff from Harasymiak...detailed breakdown of safeties and nickels.
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    If seating is limited this year, how does that impact season ticket holders?

    this guy does great statistical breakdowns on his twitter feed...go to his feed and follow the thread for all the Minnesota numbers:
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    If seating is limited this year, how does that impact season ticket holders?

    it won't be limited...this thing is all but over...Walz should "turn back dial" in next few weeks... case numbers on a serious decline now, adults (18 and up) with at least one shot in MN at 55% already, add in those with antibodies from previous exposure and approaching herd immunity...
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    Quarterback Athan Kaliakmanis completed 13-of-19 passes for 198 yards and 4 touchdowns, including a beautiful 50-yarder to his brother Dino. Both Kaliakmanis brothers will be playing at the University of Minnesota next year. Dino Kaliakmanis not only had his long touchdown catch but he also ran...
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    Fleck happy with 2 ACC dline transfers

    Grimm with a Fleck video....asked about the ACC dline transfers...Fleck said Pinckney (Clemson) very mature, hard worker, really talented, been tremendous in spring practices...said Martin (NCSU) incredible twitch, explosive, offers some position flexibility....both good fits...all other...
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    Iowa oline banged up; loses reserve to Colorado

    The two most significant injuries from appearances (coach Kirk Ferentz didn't provide details on any player's health status) were Cody Ince and Justin Britt. Ince was listed as the starting right offensive tackle on the pre-Spring depth chart and Britt showed up as the No. 1 right guard. Ince...
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    Nice Write-up by Chip

    Top WR Autman-Bell a fifth year guy helps the room. Geary likely in two-deep or better is a sixth year guy. Bringing in the Texas A&M transfer Wright this winter/springas a guy who got two years at College Station and played at a very high level in Texas high school earning 4-star ranking as...
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    Nice Write-up by Chip

    I think Teague is gone, but they added two transfers at DT and one, the Clemson transfer Pinckney, has already earned some good reviews from Fleck.
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    Nice Write-up by Chip

    transfer linebacker is Gibbens
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    Badgers, Buffs banged up; issues at kicker in Madison

    The Buffaloes were without roughly 17 scholarship players on Friday, including five offensive linemen. "I know we can fix things when we get a few players back up front," Dorrell said. "We're really thin up front right now. So that's been our biggest challenge. That hurts a lot of the...
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    Badgers, Buffs banged up; issues at kicker in Madison

    Banged up Redshirt freshman offensive linemen were practicing with the defensive line Saturday to help give that group enough bodies, and the offense was down to junior Brady Schipper at running back in the latter half of the practice. Here’s the list of players that were on the injury report...
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    Inexperience, injuries have Ryan Day concerned about Ohio State readiness

    Ohio State back-up tackle, Max Wray, a redshirt junior and a four -star recruit out of high school, enetered portal last week. He started one game last year and was likely top reserve this coming year. Thayer Munford opted to return for a 5th year at tackle despite considered a NFL draft...
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    Dino Kaliakmanis houses two returns

    Dino Kaliakmanis opened the second half with his own 86-yard kick return for a touchdown. He had a 92-yard kick return for a TD in the second quarter.
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