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    Off-Season Workouts: Week Five Recap Video (2021)

    I'd be curious who they got vaccines from if so.
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    Football Season Tickets Renewals

    I imagine that daily vaccinations will factor into it too. Right now they are going as fast as they can and people are still lining up. If sometime I. The summer demand starts to decrease somewhat or even rapidly, that would indicate the people who want vaccines and still need them has decreased...
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    P.J. Fleck ‘committed’ to Gophers, sees outside interest as a ‘compliment’

    Depends on the ceiling here. If PJ is competing for the Big Ten West every year, manages to win a Big Ten Title every once and awhile and competes for a national championship in those years, I don't see why he would move as I expect the Athletic Department would give him anything he wanted. If...
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    Godspeed to Shannon Brooks

    First post on the instagram page has a timeline including his injuries and losing his mother. Says "hit by train" for 2019.
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    2021 Offensive Line

    I believe the rumor floating around is that Big Dan was intending to play once he had a covid vaccine? Sounds like he really just wanted to avoid getting covid at all costs.
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    STrib: Gophers' 2021 football schedule is something: Ohio State for openers, Cornhuskers for closers

    I have to imagine we'd he in the playoffs at that point...sign me up!
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    I know townley has a crystal ball for arizona state, but if we picked him up we would jump ahead of penn state, but not quite enough to get ahead of nebraska.
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    Bowl Game Thread, 2020

    If this holds up, can't wait to see the after game questions Dabo has to field about his OSU comments
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    Transfer Portal

    Kramer and Annexstad are the two I think are most likely to leave. If Annexstad isn't a clear #2 (or unseats morgan for starter) after spring, he risks losing the spot his senior year and being backup again, but maybe he is ok with only playing his senior year. I think Kramer is probably 4th on...
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    Thoughts on 1 Division?

    If the big ten got rid of divisions, I'd only like it if there were 2 or 3 protected games so that we could for sure play Iowa and Wisconsin every year and then maybe play nebraska or michigan every year if there was a third protected game. As is we don't see the teams in the east nearly as much...
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    Special Teams coach needs to go

    But who is in charge of recruiting and evaluation for the kickers? I would assume the special teams coach...
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    The rivalry means more, period. Sure, it's been lopsided the past 26 years, but I don't care. I question any fan who would rather play and east team for the chance at 4-3 than play wisconsin in the oldest fbs rivalry and keep the longest consecutive streak going.
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    I am happy, the rivalry means more to me than an extra win over an easy team.
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    Special Teams coach needs to go

    Four years and we can't rely on the kickers still, put CAB back on the return and he gets taken out of the game. We can have quibbles over the offensive coaching but I don't any coaching changes happen there, but everyone agrees our special teams are anything but special.
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    First half thoughts against Nebraska

    Linebackers are Rossi's responsibility right?
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