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    Antifa Infiltrates Trump Rally & Attacks Capital

    Oh hell, you must be kidding. Not a single poster on here posts more social media crap to GH than you do. Not a one. It ain’t even close.
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    Expel Boebert Immediately

    So you aren’t saying all republicans are WNs, just that anyone who is a Republican supports them. Yeah, you are totally not bat sh!t crazy.
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    Biden Plans Dozens of Executive Orders

    But by blocking it he can put US workers out of a job while increasing our dependence on foreign energy and raising gas prices for all. Make sense now?
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    23 States have now given over 50% of the shots they have received. More seem to be figuring this out. Overall the US has administered 47.2% of distributed shots. ND still leads the Nation (77.1%) MN still 38th (44.8%) CA at 45th (36.7%) AL out of the cellar --- 51st (including DC) is now HI at...
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    Expel Boebert Immediately

    I am old. I say it all the time. Didn't know that was bad?
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    Expel Boebert Immediately

    I doubt it too.
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    Expel Boebert Immediately

    I'm sure if he apologizes it will be "all good". Compassion.
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    Expel Boebert Immediately

    What bothers me is that you are likely the most prejudiced person on this board. Since you are always lumping "old white men" and "republicans" together into a negative category, you think it is OK. This isn't the first time you referred to Rs as WNs and I would be willing to bet it won't be...
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    Expel Boebert Immediately

    For Howie.... a Republican.
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    Expel Boebert Immediately

    Hey guys - Byrd said he was wrong. All Good. That's all the lefties ever ask for, a simple apology.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Wait! Why would you guess the States were planning ahead? You have stated that planning was the responsibility of the feds. You also stated earlier the States couldn’t plan for a vaccine that was just recently approved and was “pushed on them.” What were they planning, and why would they bother?
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    Trump pension...

    You didn’t start a new thread with this? You are slipping.
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    Reusse: Trump’s approval rating at 29%. That’s only 22% ahead of me on Gopher Hole.

    Put me in the 7%. He trolls GHers and they bite every single time.
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    Feds charge six militia members in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, court records show

    Oh, bite me you hypocrite. That’s exactly what this story is. In your mind bringing up that some senator talked to militias a month before the attempted kidnapping (a meeting set up with police assistance) is keeping the focus where it should be, but the fact that one of them who plotted was a...
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