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    What grade would you give the Gophers 2020 basketball recruiting class?

    I think A on overall talent (especially if everyone gets eligible) but Pitino seems like he’s grasping for straws every spring. To his credit, he nailed it this time around, but it just doesn’t seem sustainable. Maybe Pitino is ahead of his time w relying on the transfer market, but it doesn’t...
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    If all six O-linemen are healthy, I’d expect to see a lot of that heavy package again this year, regardless of who the starting five end up being.
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    PJ Fleck is recruiting like he plans on being here a long time

    I don’t necessarily think PJ leaves, but if he does, he will bring our highly-rated recruits with him. Just like when he brought most of his top-of-the-MAC class here from WMU. Gotta enjoy the ride while it lasts.
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    After the big football recruiting weekend, I’m conditioned as a gopher fan to feel w certainty that Walton is going elsewhere. It would be way too much consecutive good news.
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    STrib: Gophers' Tyler Johnson seeking speed entering NFL draft

    And to think we criticized Baun for a diluted sample...
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    With the season on the line, we have two games in a row at home against teams with putrid defense and we can’t get to 60 in either.
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    I've Seen Enough

    I think the only reason Pitino should get another year (barring a miracle NCAA berth this year) is if Oturo is coming back. If Dan returns, we should be a really strong team and can keep our solid recruiting class together.
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    Athletes at the U weigh in On Sponsorship

    Seems like a lot of people operate under the false premise that college sports are equal now. Already massive disparities in coach salary, booster support, revenue, etc that are probably a pretty good reflection of recruit rankings and on-field performance. Giving players money may exacerbate...
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    I seem to remember one year Hoffarber really struggled from 3 and they attributed it to him adding muscle. I wonder if that has anything to do with Gabe’s struggles? In any event this team needs shooters so bad.
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    ESPN: Grand Valley State suspends OC Morris Berger for wanting meal with Adolf Hitler

    I don’t own a business. If I did, I wouldn’t give a punishment that didn’t fit the issue. I believe people misspeak, or poorly phrase a point they’re trying to make, far too often for it to be worth suspension and/or firing. People make mistakes, and if we were to suspend/fire everyone for the...
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    ESPN: Grand Valley State suspends OC Morris Berger for wanting meal with Adolf Hitler

    @MJ, do you by any chance own a business? I’d love to see your reaction if one of your employees -particularly in his capacity as a rep of your company - said what this guy said.
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    Time for other players to step up

    Not exactly relevant, but just so tantalizing to think about how dominant this team could be with Coffee. Teams would have to pick their poison and Gabe would get so many good looks.
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    Kirk Ciarocca a Possibility for the Texas OC job

    Some guy: “If you don’t think Fleck is a good Xs and Os coach you’re fooling yourself. We would miss Kirk C if he left, but the offense would still be sound. No doubt in my mind.” My comment was based on the fact he’s never been a coordinator or play caller, and has been referred to many times...
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    Kirk Ciarocca a Possibility for the Texas OC job

    Surprised at how many of you don’t think losing Kirk would be a big deal. For all of Fleck’s strengths, he is not an X&O coach. While not perfect, Kirk has proven to be an excellent coordinator and we are fortunate to have him.
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